Where to get your makers mark made

13 05 2016

I’ve received a message from a reader that Ivan, the most esteemed makers mark maker, seems to have retired (his number is disconnected). This is sad news indeed.

So … where does one get a makers mark made now?

Please do help …

I receive quite a number of requests for this information, and I’d like to be able to be more helpful.


My makers mark

29 01 2013

After writing yesterday’s post calling for contributions to my makers mark page (which I wrote over a week or more ago), I got my act together and finally decided on a design for my makers mark (I’m considering it my birthday present to myself).

In the past I’ve been all precious about the design, so much so that I couldn’t decide. The last few weeks I’ve realised that it’s just a mark, and not actually my identity (so to speak), and that something I really like (as opposed to something that is the personification of me) is perfectly fabulous.

Criteria: in a circle or oval, art-deco inspired font, just my initials.

The (not-selected) final contenders:
MakersMark_01_snail_ADJ  MakersMark_02_p22artdeco_ADJ

I really love the first one (and may still use it in the future for some purpose), but felt that it was too difficult to decipher when at the scale of a makers mark; and the second one looked a little too much like an ‘h’ when scaled down.

The final design – simple and striking and easy to read:

Karen Thompson, makers mark

Karen Thompson, makers mark

So I called Ivan, THE man for making makers marks / hallmarks. He’s so lovely. And his workshop is AMAZING! He has the biggest fly-press I’ve ever seen … it is so beautiful.

Ivan's workshop

Ivan’s workshop

I am beyond excited that I now have a makers mark.

Makers marks

28 01 2013

Okay fellow Australian makers…. it’s time.
Time to include your makers mark (hallmarks) in my fledgling listing.

Do you have a makers mark?
If so, please do send the design to my email address so I can add it to my page.
If so, have you included it on your website / blog, so searchers know your mark?

I’ve noticed that galleries haven’t yet taken up the idea of including makers marks on their artist pages. Do you think this is a good idea?

If you don’t have a makers mark, why not?

My reasons include:

  1. I haven’t been able to decide on the design
  2. it’s not critical nor required for making in Australia
  3. I think it’ll be an expensive exercise (or maybe I’m just using that as an excuse)
  4. I’m not famous enough for a makers mark yet, no-one’s caring if I make stuff or not!

What are your reasons?

Actually, now I think of it, I best do one this year as the makers-mark maker is (how to be delicate…) not a young man, and I would like it to be made by the famous Ivan.

Makers mark: Katherine Bowman

21 03 2012

One of my favourite jewellers, Katherine Bowman, has kindly allowed me to publish her makers mark, and has provided me with a lovely story about her mark.

Katherine Bowman makers mark; with artist permission

I did not want my initials as my stamp. I suppose that it would have made sense to do this as the actual mark is so small, and the image that I have chosen is sometimes hard to read.

It has never been important to me to sign my work, I especially do not like signing works on paper or paintings especially on the front of the image. I now sign the back, and with prints I sign the front as is the tradition with this.

Once I finished Gold and Silversmithing and started selling my work I was told that I had to stamp my work if I was going to continue to sell it through galleries. So I had a stamp made with the image of the warp and weft of fabric, and have been very attached to my stamp ever since.

At the time I had the stamp made I was researching the significance of storytelling in jewellery and textiles. I came across a number of texts that explored the notion that different cultures wove their belief systems into the fabric they made. Clothes, not only protected the wearer, but like jewellery, also marked an individual’s role in society as well as in the life cycle.

The symbol of the warp and weft for me is about storytelling. I think that it is beautiful as a simple image, and at the same time it refers to something greater than itself.

I use in my artist statement the words of Trinh T. Minh-ha:
Storytelling: her words set in motion the things that lie
dormant in things and beings…

Katherine Bowman, with artist permission

I will add this information to my makers mark page.

It would be so super duper if more artists would please contribute to this knowledge bank!

Also – I wonder, have artists with blogs and websites added their makers mark to their information??