‘Fresh! 2015’ @ Craft

20 04 2015

Finally I’ve made it to Craft to see an exhibition; though I’m still sad I didn’t manage to see the previous show ‘White Goods‘ (boo).

So it’s Fresh! time again.



I’m still getting my thoughts in some kind of order … but in reading the works list I noticed that all but two artists are RMIT graduates [there are ten artists; whereas previous years had 12]. I hope that doesn’t mean the Melbourne graduate craft scene is becoming RMIT-centric. Where are the other universities’ students? Are the courses just not there any more? Are the courses not of an equivalent standard (that’s a terrible question, but you can understand why it’s asked)? Are the selections simply reflections of this year’s judges preferences? Lots of questions.



Selected/awarded artists are:

  • Emma Blackmore (RMIT) – fashion (textile)
  • Katie Collins (RMIT; website) – gold & silversmithing
  • Leana Kim (RMIT; website) – ceramics
  • Christopher Massey (RMIT) – gold & silversmithing
  • Henry Madin (RMIT) – wood sculpture / furniture
  • Scarlett Mellows (RMIT; website) – print image practice
  • Jess Milne (VCA) – ceramic / furniture
  • Thomas O’Hara (RMIT) – gold & silversmithing
  • Tricia Page (RMIT; website) – trampoline!
  • Kate Sylvester (VCA; website) – painting (textile)

For me the most outstanding are the jewellery pieces by Katie Collins (below).



Mmmm … what did you think when you visited?

Fresh! 2015‘ is at Craft until 24th May 2015.

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‘Fresh!’ 2011 @ Craft Victoria

21 12 2011

It’s that time of year again – time to visit Craft Victoria to see the selected art graduate works at Fresh!’.

photograph with permission

The aesthetic was quite different to last year – there seemed more installation focussed work, and much less colour than I would have expected of a group exhibition. It was surprising to me actually.

image with permission

Artists selected to participate are (alphabetically):

  • Matthew Benjamin (VCA, Photography)
  • Dan Bowran (Monash, Glass)
  • Hannah Chamley (RMIT, Fashion)
  • Jia Jia Ji Chen (RMIT, Ceramics); right below
  • Allona Goren (RMIT, Gold & Silversmithing); left above
  • John Gosper (RMIT, Fashion)
  • Elly Hall (Monash, Photomedia)
  • Lisa Imai (VCA, Sculpture / Spatial practice)
  • Wendy Korol (RMIT, Gold & Silversmithing); right above – overall winner
  • Sophie Moorhouse Morris (RMIT, Ceramics); left below
  • Rosina Prestia (Monash, Sculpture)
  • Nellie Rogerson (Monash, Painting)

image with permission

Last year’s exhibition post is here.

Fresh!‘ 2011 is at Craft Victoria until 23rd December 2011.

‘Proud’ @ VCA Margaret Laurence Gallery

23 09 2009

This exhibition was only on for three days (11-13th September 2009) at the Margaret Laurence Gallery in the Victoria College of Arts (VCA), so I’m pretty impressed that I could organise myself enough to visit it.

Proud‘ was advertised in the Art Almanac as ‘art students exhibition and prizes‘; sadly though, an internet search shows no other references, so I have no links and don’t know who won what prizes.

installation view; photograph taken with permission

installation view; photograph taken with permission

The more of these group shows I visit, the more obvious it seems to me that I am gravitating towards photography and drawing, at least when there is no jewellery to distract me. There was a lot of work here, but I found I didn’t respond or connect to many of the pieces – though there was a great large-scale pen/ink drawing [sadly I didn’t take note of the artist; centre in the below photograph.

However I did find a piece I like very much, a photograph by Sarah Mote, which I’ll hopefully be bringing home shortly [you can see some of her work on the VCA Photo blog].

installation view; photograph taken with permission

installation view; photograph taken with permission

This visit also brought into perspective the campaign to Save the VCA. I have been hearing about this in the press, but life has been so busy the last few months that I must admit I don’t know enough of the detail of the fight, but am now inspired to do some more reading about it…

Seeking: art school exhibition dates

21 09 2009

There are lots of exhibitions coming up for undergraduates, graduates and post-graduates from the many fine art degrees in Melbourne … so I thought I’d start a calendar for all of them.

I am seeking contributions from readers – do you know of any?

For now all contributions will be retained as comments, and I’ll create a new post in late October or early November with all the collated information.

I cannot seem to find a lot of information, but those I have found are below, in starting-date order:

  • 4th – 13th November 2009: RMIT, undergraduates (1st/2nd year), gold & silversmithing; RMIT School of Art Gallery [link]; opening night 4th November, 5-7pm
  • 12th – 22nd November 2009: NMIT, graduates, jewellery; Northcote Town Hall [link]
  • 16th – ?? November 2009: RMIT, graduates (3rd year), gold & silversmithing; Guildford Lane Gallery [link]; unsure about opening or closing date
  • 24th – 29th November 2009: VCA, graduates and postgraduates, all school of art; Margaret Laurence Gallery [link]; opening night 23rd November
  • 8th – 13th December 2009: VCA, masters students, all school of art; Margaret Laurence Gallery [link]

No need to be shy, please add those you know about!

Update (6th October): be sure to check out the comments for the latest information

Update (7th October): new information from RMIT for many other fine art exhibitions [here]