Melissa Cameron ‘Object Evolution’ @ Bini Gallery

24 04 2015

What a few days I’ve had of jewellery viewing and gallery visiting – it’s been quite lovely and a timely reminder of how enjoyable I find it.

Melissa Cameron, once Melbourne-based and now in Seattle, is showing a mini-retrospective (if I may!) at Bini Gallery: ‘Object Evolution: Jewellery from objects 2009-2015‘.

photograph with gallery permission

photograph with gallery permission

Exhibition media: “The rebirthed jewels on show in her upcoming solo exhibition at Bini Gallery span the last six years of her artistic output. Included in the display will be the original half-cigarette-tin pair of brooches that launched her investigation, alongside new pieces finished this year. This is the first time that Melissa has had a solo show of just her object works, which begs the question, what has taken so long? “These pieces come out of my studio kind of sporadically, they are often made for specific exhibitions, so it’s only recently that I have managed to get a bunch of them back together to put a good-sized group of them on display.” Melissa adds, “It seemed like a good opportunity to bring them home while I still had all of them together.

photograph taken with gallery permission

photograph taken with gallery permission

It’s funny, just last week I published a ‘Other April’ post that included a link to my post of Melissa’s first exhibition (well, her Honours exhibition at Monash), with the image of my favourite piece from that show. Well, it’s been altered from an object to a neckpiece (above) and is in this show.

Still a favourite of mine. And how beautiful are the shadows it casts…

photograph with gallery permission

photograph with gallery permission

It was interesting speaking with the gallery owner, who mentioned her initial attraction to Melissa’s work was to the geometry … she mentioned she was a maths teacher, so we had a little mathematician bonding moment, bless.

Absolutely worth a visit!

Object Evolution: Jewellery from objects 2009-2015‘ is at Bini Gallery (Collingwood) until 30th April 2015.

photograph taken with gallery permission

photograph taken with gallery permission

Beauty in suburbia

17 03 2012

Though I’m pretty sure those living in Collingwood would prefer not to be called ‘suburbia’ … perhaps beauty in the inner city …

gorgeousness at Cibi

This taken at Cibi, one of my favourite cafes in Melbourne.

New vase

19 11 2011

Just a little note … I have a new single-bloom vase.

It’s a new thing. I have collected a few in the last few months.

They are all for the single blooms I cut from my rose bushes.
And they make me happy to have in the house.

new vase

This one I bought at Cibi, one of my favourite cafes in Collingwood.

Yay for Spring and Summer.

Quick calendar update

26 04 2011

A quick update to the calendar [information provided by and published with permission of artists]:

30th April (that’s why it can’t wait until the next calendar post!)

As a part of The First Show at the new architecture and design space Pin-up, Studio Hacienda is holding a General Assembly souvenir brooch making workshop. Blanche Tilden and Phoebe Porter invite you to select from prefabricated parts to create your very own souvenir brooch. This is a re-staging of our award winning project and is your only opportunity to create a General Assembly brooch in 2011. Watch a video of the project in action here.

Prices range from $60 – $350 and include all parts to assemble your brooch.

General Assembly Brooch making workshop

Saturday 30 April
2pm – 3pm
Pin-up – Architecture & Design Project Space
15-25 Keele Street Collingwood

If you would like to participate please contact Blanche at to book your place.
Hope to see you there!

Blanche and Phoebe

workshop media; used with permission