RMIT ‘As Above, So Below’ @ Victorian Artists’ Society

19 11 2012

So glad The Victorian Artists’ Society exhibition space is open on a weekend, otherwise I may not have seen this show.

As Above, So Below’ is the exhibition of students graduating from RMIT University Object-Based Practice; this is the new name for the old degrees that were Gold & Silversmithing and Ceramics.

photograph taken with student-representative permission

The exhibition is divided between two spacious rooms in the utterly lovely building. The work is mixed – each room had ceramics and smithing pieces. To my mind, this mixture didn’t work well. I understand the intent was probably to reinforce the combination of the two disciplines under the same umbrella at RMIT, but I felt the dialogue that exists between all the ceramic works and all the smithing works respectively was interrupted. I would have strongly suggested using each room for each discipline, but that’s just my opinion.

There were posters saying that photographs were not permitted, however one of the student-body representatives gallery-sitting the exhibition advised it was fine to take photographs of their exhibition … just in case you were wondering.

photograph taken with student-representative permission

Participating students are:

  • Ally McNaughton [hibernating blog]: very much liked her work!
  • Anna Gibbs
  • Annie Gobel [hibernating blog]
  • Bethwyn Mell
  • Bin Dixon-Ward (honours) [website]: in the foreground of the above image
  • Chris Massey
  • Danica Moorecroft
  • Danli (Lena) Sun
  • Elise Sheehan [blog – with some great images]
  • Erin Dixon (honours, ceramics)
  • Esther Konings-Oakes (ceramics)
  • Esther Weinberg
  • Eve Hudson (ceramics)
  • Jacqui Rae (ceramics)
  • Janetta Kerr-Grant (ceramics): fabulously confident ceramic vessels with amazing glazes
  • Katie-Jayne Britchford (honours) [blog]: made me sad I missed the larger scale exhibition of her ‘Heart of Stone’ collection
  • Laure Bonneville (ceramics)
  • Lesley Walsh (ceramics)
  • Lindy McSwan [hibernating blog]: her smithing vessels were absolutely stunning, my favourite of the show
  • Lucinda Knight [blog]
  • Meaghan Cavanagh (ceramics)
  • Rojda Ova (ceramics)
  • Romy Sweetnam
  • San Young ‘Kusi’ Kim
  • Stephen Robb [blog]: really interesting ‘Cell’ pieces
  • Thomas O’Hara: fantastic sets of brooches, especially liked the mild steel ones
  • Varuni Kanagasundaram (ceramics)

As Above, So Below‘ is at The Victoria Artists’ Society until 19th November 2012.