The lust list, v2

5 02 2015

So … it’s been a few years since the original lust list was written.

Since then a two MAJOR items have been ticked off …. I know, it is exciting!

  • a Suzi Zutic ring

    original photograph credit Suzi Zutic; images not to be reproduced without permission

    original photograph credit Suzi Zutic; images not to be reproduced without permission

  • a Helen Britton ring

    with the Gallery Funaki photograph - all mine!

    with the Gallery Funaki photograph – all mine!

I have added a few new ones to the “as-yet-unattained lust list”:




1 02 2015

I need a project. An intellectual project. An absorbing project. And I need the structure of a formal education system, otherwise I get all distracted and uninspired and stuff.

So I’m considering a postgraduate degree … I like the idea of a curatorial PhD but they need more than the Bachelors I have … so perhaps start with an Honours or Masters?

I need to keep working so it has to be available for part-time study…
Not this year (bit late to get organised), maybe next year or the one after that…
And it’s fair to say I love theory and research more than making.

Being in Melbourne the options I’m considering are:

Shhh …. don’t make a sound, or it may scare away … but I may very well have a plan …. oooooh ….


13 01 2015

I think I’m missing making.

Well, no, perhaps not making.
More the thinking.

The absorption.
The secret mind-space.
The random connections.
The sorting of ideas from each other.
The conversations around ideas.
The seeking.
The finding.
The revelation.

I’m not sure what to fill the gap with.
For now I’m making foods – cooking is creating too.

I hope the answer comes clearly.
And soon.

I may need to resort to the ‘If I was Invited‘ idea

Another exhibition idea

24 12 2014

Creativity has been a subject occupying my mind a great deal lately.

As I wrote just recently, I prefer the ideation and drawing and playing, than the actual making. Therefore I wondered if an exhibition idea could be to show this part of the process as the actual exhibition items … exhibited as drawing works in their own right, alongside the proposed materials (my stash of opal pairs in this case).

I often think the tinkering with options we all do when we’re embarking on a piece is most interesting … maybe visitors would also be interesting, perhaps imagining the finished objects among the options shown in the drawings, perhaps even voting on which should be made …

Or even if different designs were drawn for each set of stones in the style of different art eras … art deco, art nouveau, medieval, contemporary, in-the-style-of famous artists/makers …

photo 2 photo 1

Interestingly I’ve noticed an exhibition coming up next year that has a concept very similar to the ‘in reply‘ one I mused about a few years ago. Funny – I often wonder about the common phrase that there are ‘no new ideas’!