Schmuck 2014: congratulations!

6 11 2013

Congratulations to those selected to exhibit in Schmuck 2014.

Especially Australian jewellers:

information provided

information provided

Sally Marsland ‘odd one out’ @ Gallery Funaki

26 11 2010

I quite enjoyed my visit to Gallery Funaki, to see Sally Marsland’s ‘odd one out‘ exhibition.

Exhibition media: “And I was impatient because I was aware that what I didn’t hear now I would never hear; there would be no instant replay, as there can be when you listen to a tape or watch a video and can press the rewind button, rather, any whisper not apprehended or understood there and then would be lost for ever. That’s the unfortunate thing about what happens to us and remains unrecorded, or worse still, unknown or unseen or unheard, for later, there’s no way it can be recovered. …” Javier Marias, A heart so white (translated by Margaret Jull Costa), English edition 1995, The Harvill Press, p. 26-2

Sally Marsland, brooches; stg silver, unknown wood (eggcups); photograph Jeremy Dillon; Gallery Funaki; click on image for original source

Exhibition media continued: “… The day we didn’t spend together we never will have spent together, what someone was going to say to us over the phone when they called and we didn’t answer will never be said, at least not exactly the same thing said in exactly the same spirit; and everything will be slightly different or even completely different because of that lack of courage which dissuades us from talking to you. …”

The majority of the pieces are wooden, made from other objects – such as bowls, vases and eggcups. Many of the surfaces are left raw, with the remainder being painted in bright colours – white, red, yolk-yellow, sky blue.

There are also a few oxidised sterling silver pieces that look like cast twine; a few twig-like constructions; and a few coloured neckpieces made from resin cylindrical beads.

Sally Marsland, brooch; stg silver, smokey quartz; photograph Jeremy Dillon; Gallery Funaki; click on image for original source

Exhibition media continued: “But even if we were together that day or at home when that person phoned or we dared to speak to them, overcoming our fear and forgetting the risks involved, even then, none of that will ever be repeated and consequently a time will come when having been together will be the same as not having been together, and having picked up the phone the same as not having done so, and having dared to speak to you the same as if we’d remained silent.

My favourite pieces though were the three brooches like the one above – made with conical elements with briollette semi-precious stones. Their presence, with the other blackened pieces, were quite a contrast to the wooden pieces.

I am not really a fan of large wooden jewellery – not sure why really. The material certainly seems to be experiencing favour, especially components that have had a prior life – see previous exhibitions by Yuko Fujita and Djurdjica Kesic. I find it fascinating that at times there are concepts or materials that surface in many people’s work at the same time… is there perhaps a collective consciousness…

Sally Marsland, brooch; unknown wood (eggcup); photograph Jeremy Dillon; Gallery Funaki; click on image for original source

Odd one out‘ is at Gallery Funaki until 4th December 2010.