Natalia Milosz-Piekarska ‘Immortal Morsels’ @ Pieces of Eight

26 05 2014

Natalia continues her exploration of the contemporary representation of ancient amulets in Immortal Morsels‘ at Pieces of Eight.

photograph taken with permission

photograph taken with permission

Exhibition media: “Throughout time and across cultures, folk have made use of an endless repository of enigmatic edibles, administering and worshiping them with the belief that they may house magical and medicinal properties. They have been used to heal, protect and alter our physical and mental states.
Whether flora or fauna, garnered from land or sea, some ingredients take on such divine eminence that the question could be asked, are they food of the gods, or are they gods in themselves?

The white paper landscape is evocative and whimsical … almost like a children’s book illustration. I initially wondered whether colour may have been more vibrant; though of course that would surely have overwhelmed the smaller delicate jewellery pieces.

photograph taken with gallery permission

photograph taken with gallery permission

The vitrine shows the smaller jewellery, and the window housed the large-scale and very colourful neckpieces.

Natalia has also decorated the high front windows – they look like marine flora!

photograph taken with gallery permission

photograph taken with gallery permission

Also see the Pieces of Eight blog with photographs of the opening night.
And read an interview with Natalia on Craft blog.
Make sure you visit Natalia’s website and tumblr.

Natalia Milosz-Piekarska ‘Immortal Morsels‘ is at Pieces of Eight until 21st June 2014.

17th September 2010: Karla Way and Natalia Milosz-Piekarska ‘Bad Beasts Do Not Harm Me‘ @ Craft Victoria

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More on Lucky Charm Fundraiser

25 03 2011

Some great work has already been donated by generous makers for the Lucky Charm. Make Good Fortune Happen. Red Cross Fundraiser.

Have a look at the blog:

Show your support!

auction media; click on image to go to original source

Lucky Charm: Contemporary Jewellery Fundraiser for Red Cross

18 03 2011

Yesterday I received a number of emails from a number of friends of mine in the jewellery community, and thought the information was important to pass on.

Call for artists

Published with permission, and originally written by, Natalia Milosz-Piekarska.

I am reaching out to the contemporary jewellery community far and wide to take part and help raise much needed funds for the Red Cross Disaster Relief and Rescue services.

I’m hoping to generate quite a bit of interest from the public and press and ultimately raise some much needed funds with this event, but the most important ingredient is YOU!

… I only have a short time frame in which to launch and realise this project, so if you think you’re able and willing to get on board, please get back to me as soon as you can.

Also, please pass this on to any one that you think would be happy and willing to participate … as a community network, this can spread quickly and effectively.

I have extracted and combined details from Natalia’s letters below. Should you wish any further detailed information (and I encourage you to do so) please contact Natalia by email.

I am writing to you as I am initiating a Disaster Relief fundraiser in response to the devastating number of natural disasters that have taken place over the last couple of months …..

I have decided to organise a Contemporary Jewellery Online Auction to raise much needed funds for the Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund.

The online auction will go under the title: Lucky Charm. Make Good Fortune Happen …..

I’m reaching out to you, the artists, to band together, as a community and become a force of good nature …..

I am calling out to all makers who are willing and able, to donate 1 piece of their work for the auction. The works can be of any format, material, shape or size. It does not have to be a new piece, though feel free to make something specific for this project if you feel inspired to do so.

If you are willing and ready to take part, this is what I need you to do to make good fortune happen:

  • Donate 1 piece of your work (but please hold onto it until the auction is finished, your donation also includes your very generous willingness to post the piece to the winning bidder).
  • Photograph your piece and email me the image in a JPG format.
  • Write a brief description of the work including title (if there is one), materials, size, and anything else you’d like to add (especially a few lines about yourself and website links). Email this to me together with your image.


  • 28th March 2011: all donated works must be photographed and emailed to me – yes, sorry, I know, tight deadline, but I know you can do it!!
  • auction finish date yet to be finalised, but looking at dates between 18th – 22nd April 2011

Email: luckycharmfundraiser[at]

Get on board – make a difference.
And I love Natalia’s use of the phrase ‘become a force good nature’!

Update (22nd March): Flightless Boyds blog has linked to this post, along with some other craft-driven responses to the Japan disaster – thank you!! I hope this initiative really picks up some fabulous initiative…

Congratulations to…

19 09 2010

Warmest congratulations to:

  • Natalia Milosz-Piekarska for being awarded a 2010 British Council ‘Realise Your Dream‘ award! I understand there were over 600+ applicants from many fields, and this is the first time a jeweller has been a finalist. See Natalia’s post here, also a lovely congratulations from Pieces of Eight here, and the official website here (though it doesn’t look to have yet been updated?).
  • Simon Cottrell for being awarded the 2010 Griffith City Council National Contemporary Jewellery Award for ‘Bulbs to barn doors? (2009)’. See the official site here, and a post by Katie Jayne with all of the finalists names here.

There are many deadlines looming for various other awards etc… see the previous calendar post (which was updated earlier today with more information!).