In the press

24 01 2011

I’ve recently moved into a beautiful Art Deco home (hence the little spell of no posts this last week) and have been doing some reading in home design-type magazines for inspiration and ideas etc…

Funny thing is that in two of these magazines, jewellers have been featured!

1. Robert Baines featured in the January/February 2011 edition of Vogue Living; the article advertises his travelling exhibition “Robert Baines: Metal” … not too sure about the title of the piece though…

detail from scan of page 96, Vogue Living magazine, Jan/Feb 2011 edition

2. Lucy Folk had a full page in the February/March 2011 edition of Belle; the piece gives a bit of Lucy’s background and describes her new range ‘Taqueria’

scan of page 57, Belle magazine, Feb/Mar2011 edition

Perhaps I’m not well read, perhaps not imaginative enough, but I actually didn’t expect jewellery to be featured in home / styling magazines … but I think it’s great … perhaps the readership of such tomes are more likely to have surplus income to spend on such beautiful objects…

Lucy Folk ‘Pasta’ @ Pieces of Eight

8 05 2009

Lucy Folk’s ‘Pasta‘ collection is now on 24-hour display in the window of Pieces of Eight, until 23rd May 2009.

As the Pieces of Eight blog highlights, this work has been the subject of a lot of exciting attention!

photograph taken with permission of gallery

photograph taken with permission of gallery

Since I last saw this work at Alice Euphemia [post], I have grown even fonder of the little rigatoni necklace.

Lucy Folk ‘Pasta’ @ Alice Euphemia

8 04 2009

The launch of Lucy Folk‘s ‘Pasta‘ collection for Alice Euphemia, currently on display on the mezzanine level of the shop, has been written about on The Vine and Style Lines.  I was not given permission to photograph, so look to the Style Lines story for some images of the jewellery. Also refer to Pieces of Eight for more information on this series and Lucy’s other work.

Most immediately obvious to me was the outstanding exhibition design – threaded pasta ‘curtains’ reminiscent of Nona’s kitchen bead curtain, custom printed canvas tea-towels, pale blue kitchenalia on which the jewellery was presented, and canvas bags of pasta – deliberate and thoughtful integration of the theme into all aspects of the visual experience.

The long necklaces with a number of small silver rigatoni beads were my favourite. Funnily enough, I didn’t much like the bow pasta pieces at the time, and only on reflection realised it was because it reminded me of the first time I had this shaped pasta which was undercooked and not at all enjoyable … well, that’s the first time an experience with a disappointing meal has affected my response to a jewellery piece!

Of course the work references one of our first jewellery creations as children, the pasta necklace. Lucy’s other work also references and takes inspiration from food – corn chips, pretzels, burger rings, popcorn and other party food. But I felt a nostalgia and tenderness here that isn’t evident to me in her other series. These silver representations brought to mind the lovely faces kindergarten-age children pull when they’re concentrating on making something, and the slightly faded colours of the vegetable dye used to make the pasta necklace more colourful.

I think I’ll call my four-year-old niece and see if she wants to play…

Pasta‘ is on until 11th April 2009.