I don’t draw much

10 04 2012

I’ve been reading blogs for years now, and that experience combined with my degree, has highlighted even futher to me just how different everyone works.

I don’t draw much.
I admire those jewellers who do – draw, doodle, collage, paint…

Uber-famous examples of course include Hermann Junger, who (it seems) would make almost exactly what he drew.

from Ganoksin; please click on image for original source

My-world-famous examples include:

  • Lucy Hearn [blog, artist profile]

    from Lucy's blog; with permission; click on image for original

  • Katherine Wheeler [blog, artist profile]

    from Katherine's blog; with permission; click on image for original

  • Katherine Bowman [blog]

Sometimes I wish I worked this way too … though I just don’t.
So I do what I do, and that’s okay too.

Golden Ink ‘Tapestry of Parts’ @ Edition X

21 11 2011

The beautiful ladies behind Golden Ink Collaborative, Katherine Wheeler (see my artist profile) and Abby Seymour, have a new exhibition ‘Tapestry of Parts‘ in the window of Edition X (the previous location of Pieces of Eight, in North Fitzroy).

I popped along to visit on a late afternoon over the weekend … the lighting didn’t make for very clear images unfortunately. But I hope they give an idea of the gorgeousness!

installation image

installation image

installation image

I have loved their beautiful work from way back … see my review of one of their previous exhibition ‘Hidden Facets‘ and my collection pieces (Katherine’s and GoldenInk).

Take a wander past!

My jewellery collection #22

12 09 2011

I’ve been admiring the pieces Katherine Wheeler (artist profile) and Abby Seymour have been making recently under their collaborative label Goldenink.

So much so, that now I have added one of their jewellery pieces to my collection.

GoldenInk necklace

It’s weighty (we all remember I like to feel my jewellery), and feels wonderful in my hand and on my chest.

Soon I hope to have some of their tableware too … little bowls happen to be a weakness of mine…

Also, twenty-two is my favourite number. Hoorah all around.

… last post on my jewellery collection #21

Beauty in the suburbs

20 07 2011

Happily my new little object, a plump ceramic from Leah Jackson (which I purchased during the Rock Solid‘ exhibition), has arrived!

It is the new companion to my favourite Katherine Wheeler ‘Stilt cup’ … on my beautiful art deco mantlepiece …

happy little objects