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23 02 2011

As I wrote last month, I’ve developed a little bit of a habit with buying (and reading) ‘home and lifestyle’ (groan…) magazines. And since then I have noticed the artists profiled. This month:

  • Chloe Vallance [site, post, post], whose work I have loved for a long time now, is profiled (a whole page!) in the March-April 2011 edition of Inside Out magazine

    scan of page 44, Inside Out magazine, Mar-Apr 2011 edition

  • and a pendant by Zeo Jay Veness [site] is shown in the same magazine (though the pale green background on the inner part of the pendant looks a little weird to me!)

    detail of scan of page 58, Inside Out magazine, Mar-Apr 2011

Melissa Cameron & Chloe Vallance ‘Measuring the Space Between’ @ Hand Held Gallery

13 12 2010

Regular readers will know I have admired the work of Melissa Cameron and Chloe Vallance since I started writing. They have collaborated on the exhibition ‘Measuring the Space Between‘ at Hand Held Gallery.

photograph taken with gallery permission

This is a wonderful group of work! I was very impressed … but that’s no surprise to me really, as I like Melissa’s precise sawing and also Chloe’s beautiful impressionistic drawing. Their personal signatures, though on paper quite the opposite, work beautifully together.

photograph taken with gallery permission

The above three pieces were my favourite of the exhibition – especially the neckpiece on the right.

There are thirty-seven pieces in the exhibition, many pieces in couples where a piece is made from components of the other.

photograph taken with gallery permission

Melissa usually works in found metal; but this group uses mostly found wood (coasters and bowls and other pieces, like the spoon) and a few tins and metal coasters I think (the second image above look like they’re made of this? or perhaps compacts?). Chloe usually does work on found wood, so the combination makes sense for their collaboration. It is interesting that the material of pre-loved wooden objects continues to emerge in the Melbourne jewellery community …

photograph taken with gallery permission

I very much enjoyed this exhibition.

Previous posts on Melissa and Chloe… 28th September 2009, 10th August 2009, 24th July 2009, 3rd April 2009.

Measuring the Space Between‘ is at Hand Held Gallery until 8th January 2011.

Update (20th December): Hand Held Gallery has some detailed images of the work here.

Chloe Valance ‘A Moment at a Time’ @ Area

28 09 2009

After seeing her lovely work at Hatch recently [post], I popped in to see Chloe Valance‘s solo exhibition ‘A Moment at a Time‘ at the Area Contemporary Art Space in Fitzroy recently.

photograph taken with artist permission

photograph taken with artist permission

Exhibition media states: “The tension between human figures and their environmental context is an underlying theme in this project, as is the simplicity of intimacy experienced by a figure, together or alone, a moment at a time.

The drawings are variously done on paper, timber and over the top of cut/recycled materials from other works of Chloe’s. There is a mixture of scale, and I particular like the smaller works where you physically need to get close to decipher the drawing and see the detail.

photograph taken with artist permission

photograph taken with artist permission

I also like another excerpt from the exhibition media: “the ambivalence between solitude and community, the ambiguity of seriousness and play, and the linking of opposite ideas where limits are questioned“.

I’d usually include a link to the gallery website, but the only one I could find hasn’t been updated since 2007 or so, which is not good. So instead, all the necessary details are on the invitation below.


A Moment at a Time‘ is at Area Contemporary Art Space until 4th October 2009.