Even more on jewellery insurance

4 07 2011

Well, not specifically for jewellery you may own [previous stories], but insurance for jewellers.

The wonderful people at Craft Victoria have a new product that should be of interest to almost all makers. As part of their Accredited Membership Package, they are offering insurance …

Craft Victoria is excited to offer group liability insurance as part of our Accredited Membership package. In short, this new package is designed to cover artists/practitioners who work in a studio, exhibit in galleries and sell their goods at markets.

…Our package is designed to cover accredited ‘contemporary craft’ visual artists/practitioners. Mediums covered include ceramics, glass, jewellery, furniture, textile work including felting, metal, wood, photographs, sculptures and other materials.

There is a lot of information on their site, including details of specific coverage and the application process.

This is a great initiative for artists, as the field of insurance is often difficult to navigate (and I’m in the industry!).

More on jewellery insurance

25 03 2011

I’ve written a few stories before about jewellery insurance. Recently a colleague of mine pointed out an article in an insurance industry magazine: Dec10-Jan11 issue of Insurance and Risk Professional (p85-6).

This doesn’t really have much more information than I’ve previously written here, but it does repeat a few key points:

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Is your insurance up to date?

More about jewellery insurance

4 10 2010

I recently wrote about insurance for jewellery; and I thought it would be worth doing a little online research to get some more information and to see how much insurance companies differ with respect to this kind of cover.

Some important points / caveats: I have only looked at a couple of insurers (there are many more); I’ve only looked online; I’ve only considered the particular aspect of valuable jewellery cover (not any other features); and I’ve done no pricing comparison.
There are many more insurers out there, and if you’re going to make a decision about insurance you are best to do your own research (especially as coverages can change over time) – I am by no means an insurance broker or advisor or expert!

Summary of limits for jewellery / valuables (for the insurers I looked at):

research done between 29Sep10 – 01Oct10

The premiums for special valuables cover do have a reputation for being expensive though … and yes, per dollar of the value of the insurance sum insured, this cover is more expensive than general contents insurance (though you are also covered for out-of-the-home loss or theft, which is extra) … but as I’ve had all my jewellery stolen before, I personally consider the cost of the special insurance worth it.

Some friends of mine consider what they call the ‘pay-back period’ … how many years would they pay for insurance before the premiums add up to more than the cost of the item to start with. If the premium is expensive, then it may not be many years, and they probably wouldn’t bother insuring. For example: if they have something worth $3000 and the special insurance premium is $300 per year (for argument sake, this is not a real quote, I’m just making up numbers!): then if they paid for the insurance for over 10 years then they’d have paid more than the piece was worth in the first place … and they weigh that up against their personal view of the possibility of theft or loss etc within that time. Some friends would they’re not likely to need to claim and therefore think that’s too much to pay; some wouldn’t.

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‘Top posts’ for 2014

28 12 2014

As I’ve done each year … excluding ‘Home Page’ and other pages, the top 10 posts with the most ‘clicks’ during 2014 were:

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I’m looking forward to a fulfilling and creative 2015 … happy reading!