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30 04 2016

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  • Applications for National Contemporary Jewellery Award 2016 are now open [link], closing 24th June
  • National Gallery of Australia (Canberra), Fiona Hall ‘Wrong Way Time‘ [link]; “the installation from this year’s Venice Biennale … Hall’s seemingly random conjunction of things in a wunderkammer-like installation appeals to our human impulse to make connections, or perhaps a propensity for paranoia born of the deep uncertainty and fear of our times.“; until 10th July
  • Museum of Democracy at Eureka (Ballarat), ‘19th Century Bling: Goldfields Jewellery‘ [link]; “M.A.D.E has gathered over 200 rare, fascinating and exquisite pieces of  Australian goldfields jewellery for this unique exhibition. Showcased are significant jewels and objects, including key international examples, from 1851 to 1901.“; until 4th July

4th May: W.E.McMillan Collection RMIT Gold and Silversmithing lecture series,the inaugural lecture is by Emeritus Professor Robert Baines ‘Collected Works of the 1960s‘; “The W.E.McMillan Collection RMIT Gold and Silversmithing lecture series is exploring the W.E.McMillan Collection of jewellery, silverware and precious objects, award winning pieces by Gold and Silversmithing students of the School of Art dating back to the1960s.“; 630-730pm; free but bookings necessary

event media; Robert (Bob) K. Cranage, Jug 1962, Silver Plated Gilding Metal 256x132x132mm

event media; Robert (Bob) K. Cranage, Jug 1962, Silver Plated Gilding Metal 256x132x132mm

5th May: Courtesy of the Artist (Sydney), Leslie Matthews ‘Slowsound, Timestrange‘ [link]; “When developing her ideas, Leslie focuses on themes such as abstraction and impermanence, light and shadow, fragility and strength, endeavouring to translate these concepts through a variety of techniques and materials to express the notion of ‘opposites’. This dichotomy of elements is a recurring theme in her work.

exhibition media

exhibition media

7th May: Black Finch Jewellery, Naoko InuzukaTravelling Together‘ [link]; until end of the month

exhibition media; click on image for original Facebook source

exhibition media; click on image for original Facebook source

8th May: last day for ACCA, ‘NEW16‘ [link]

14th May: Northcity4 Open Day [link]

14th May: last day for Gallery Funaki, 5×7: early career Australian makers [link]

14th May: last day for Craft, ‘Fresh! 2016‘ [link]

15th May: last day for applications for the Mari Funaki Award for Contemporary Jewellery 2016 [link]

20th May: Craft ‘Hero Worship‘ [link]; “Centred around personal and historical roots; contemporary artists explore the stories of unsung yet influential heroes. This exhibition creates an opportunity for makers to present figures and ideas of personal or historical significance through traditional and contemporary techniques. Co-curated by Debbie Pryor and Hannah Presley, Hero Worship investigates personal histories and relationships, strengths and vulnerabilities utilising traditional and contemporary ways of making.“; until 23rd July

20th May: last day for applications for Semester 2 2016 at First Site Gallery [link]

31st May: Gallery Funaki, Kiko Gianocca ‘Pareidolia‘ [link]; until 25th June

exhibition media

exhibition media

please tell me of other exhibitions or events
also check out Melissa Cameron’s excellent informative blog (especially for competitions)

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3 responses

13 05 2016
Robin Tanner

re: your thread on makers marks I am trying to find someone who will make me a makers mark / hallmark stamp any suggestions. Ivan’s number is out of service.

13 05 2016

Hi Robin
I fear Ivan has retired. It’s a shame, he had no-one to transfer his knowledge (and amazing workshop) to.
When I was looking for alternatives years ago, I think Twin Plaza had a service for hallmark making…

13 05 2016

I’ve popped up a new post – hopefully we can gather more advice from other makers/readers 🙂

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