Farewell, you gorgeous thing

25 10 2015

I’ve written a number of times before about old works … pieces we’ve made, hold on to, unwilling to throw away but aware that equally we don’t actually want to keep them for we don’t like them, they don’t say what we wanted them to, we’ve moved on, etc.

With the benefit of time (it’s almost nine years since I made this piece) I’m ready to let go of ‘Scale‘ (from my third year at RMIT).

I have photographs I’ll treasure, but I no longer need the object – it just takes up space and I don’t have it on display.

Scale, 2006

Scale, 2006

I adored making it. I loved researching and drawing for it. Planning it. Obsessing about it.

I’m planning on giving it to someone to re-purpose the metal (stainless steel, aluminium, monel) … for a new life.



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25 10 2015

Oh this is lovely! Could it go out in the garden as outdoor art? Seems such a shame to have it pulled apart.

25 10 2015

How kind Amelia, thank you.
I had thought of that, though when I look at it I see how much metal there is (it’s A3 size) and I’m certain other makers would appreciate some free metal. I think I’d prefer to see it go to a new home and take on a whole new life, than languish in my garden (though I was tempted). Sharing the love!

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