‘Occupy Crossley St’ & ‘Theatre of Detail’

6 09 2015

First …

The windows of many of the businesses on Crossley Street were taken over by contemporary jewellery as part of ‘Occupy Crossley St‘ during Radiant Pavilion.

I hope it started conversations and interest among those who wouldn’t ordinarily choose to see jewellery in a gallery setting.


Participating artists: Vivien Atkinson, Becky Bliss, Peter Deckers, Kelly McDonald, Amelia Pascoe, Sarah Read, Jane Ritchie, Nadine Smith, Caroline Thomas.



Reading the excellent website of the Wellington-based jewellers, it’s clear I missed a few. N’aw man.

Occupy Crossly St‘ is part of Radiant Pavilion and can be viewed 24hrs until 6th September 2015.

Next …

While I was wandering along Crossley Street, of course I popped into Gallery Funaki (which I’ll write about shortly). Even more importantly (given its short showing) I visited ‘Theatre of DetailGray Street Workshop celebrates 30yrs‘.

Participating artists: Jess Dare, Sue Lorraine, Catherine Truman.

It turns out I was far too busy talking with some very excellent people (including being introduced to Catherine Truman, how lucky am I!), to take any photographs. Plus though, it was so busy in the little space that I felt taking my camera out would have changed the amazing feeling in the room among the visitors.

The videos of Catherine’s made my skin creep and I couldn’t bear to watch them for too long at all … I mean that with all respect, they were so effective.

Make sure you check out the various (and varied and many) photographs on various media platforms.

Theatre of Detail‘ is part of Radiant Pavilion and is on until 6th September 2015.




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