‘Figurative Impressions’ @ RMIT School of Art Gallery

5 09 2015

This is wonderful! I am SO excited to see that some pieces from the fabled RMIT W.E.McMillan Collection are on show. Bravo.

Figurative Impressions‘ is an exhibition at RMIT School of Art Gallery, of selected pieces from the A.D Hope acquisitive figurative award (in memory of his daughter Emily Hope); one of the awards that makes up the multi-award collection.

[Update 15Sep15 : I have been contacted by RMIT and asked to remove my images, as they do not want images of the exhibition on the internet.
I am extremely disappointed by this. I was careful to ask permission to take photographs, and was told I could and given no restrictions on use of those images. I made sure I took general and not detailed photographs, and reasonably low-resolution so they would be barely useful for others to reuse.
Given the above, and my understanding of applicable law, I am within my rights to use these images … but have removed them as requested.
It’s shame – a post without pictures is pretty boring.

There was an image here of work by David Neale, Jessica Morrison and Stephen Robb]

I remember seeing quite a number of these in creation while I was studying (2004-06) and of course since then at various exhibitions. The real treat were the pieces from earlier years. THIS is why so much more needs to be done with this collection (I’ve written about it a number of times before)!

[Update 15Sep15 : There was an image here of work by Elfrun Lach and Claire O’Halloran]

I remember Claire O’Halloran making the pieces (bottom in the above image) – so beautiful, and it is such a joy to see them again … they are even more beautiful than I recall them being.

Works from the collection on show:

  • 1983 : Viliama Grakalic
  • 1985 : J. Carter
  • 1987 : Miyuki Nakahara
  • 1988 : Stacey McCall
  • 1989 : Sandra Marasco
  • 1990 : Sarah L Ross
  • 1995 : Rei Shimada
  • 1997 : Timothy Quantrell
  • 1999 : Anna Davern
  • 2001 : Katherine Bowman
  • 2002 : Katherine Tiffany Fuller
  • 2003 : David Neale
  • 2004 : Jessica Morrison
  • 2005 : Elfrun Lach
  • 2006 : Claire O’Halloran
  • 2007 : Penelope Pollard , David Scully
  • 2009 : Catherine Da Costa , Fiona Simmons
  • 2011 : Claire McArdle
  • 2012 : Stephen Robb
  • 2013 : Inari Kiuru (very probably my favourite piece(s) of the last decade)
  • 2014 : Christopher Massey

[Update 15Sep15 : There was an image here of work including a piece of Anna Davern’s]

Sorry, I was only able to visit this on its last day … ‘Figurative Impressions‘ was part of Radiant Pavilion and was at the RMIT School of Art Gallery until 4th September 2015.



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