‘Around The Table’ @ First Site Gallery

5 09 2015

Alongside ‘Wondernamel‘ at First Site Gallery is ‘Around The Table‘ … a gorgeous group of metalworking and ceramic pieces.

The table in the first image below was particularly fabulous.

  • I think the small sterling silver object on the left is by Pam Camille
  • the gorgeous blackened two-piece object is by Nell Grant
  • and I think the collection of porcelain and copper objects on the back table is by Rebecca Smith
  • [The photographs I took with the work-list references were overexposed due to lighting, so I have had to go by memory – please correct if you know I’ve got something a bit wrong]
photograph with permission

photograph with permission

Participating artists:

  • Pam Camille , Tao Delves , Eva Giannoulidis
  • Nell Grant , Cara Johnson , Naasicaa Jade Larsen
  • Sharon McEntee , Lucy Mactier [tumblr] , Belinda Michael
  • Samantha O’Farrell [website] , Julia Obermaier , Rebecca Smith
  • Michelle Stewart , See-Mun Soo , Ann Welton
photograph with permission

photograph with permission

Check out the First Site facebook page for more photographs.

Sorry, I was only able to visit this on its last day … ‘Around the Table‘ was part of Radiant Pavilion and was at The First Site Gallery until 4th September 2015.

[I think this may be an annual exhibition, the inaugural one being last year; sadly I couldn’t visit it, but I hope these continue in coming years.]



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