‘Wondernamel 2015’ @ First Site Gallery

4 09 2015

I do love visiting the annual ‘Wondernamel‘ exhibition at RMIT First Site Gallery… RMIT students show their amazing pieces that include enamel.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that a characteristic of this show is the more experimental use of enamels compared to my time (ten years ago, ahem) and particularly its application to three-dimensional smithing pieces. I’d also venture to say there are fewer ‘traditional’ items, I don’t recall seeing cloisonné or champleve?


photograph with permission

My favourites include:

  • Katie Collins’s ‘And there it was, under the dust’ neckpiece is extraordinary (foreground in first image above)
  • the assured use of enamel on Sue Buchanan’s ‘Flower‘ pieces (second image below)
  • Naoko Inuzuka’s ‘Element‘ pieces
  • Katherine Hubble ‘Lillian‘ and ‘Ida‘ pieces (second from the foreground in the third image)
Sue Buchanan, Flower, black #6, #7

Sue Buchanan, Flower, black #6, #7

Participating artists:

  • Natasha Avila [website] , Sue Buchanan , Rossi Childs [website]
  • Katie Collins [website] ,  Annie Gobel [website] , Katherine Hubble [blog]
  • Naoko Inuzuka [website] , Cara Johnson , Wendy Korol
  • Lindy McSwan [website] , Elizabeth Rich , Michaela Pegum
  • Kate Wischusen [website] , Aurelia Yeomans [FBpage]
photograph with permission

photograph with permission

Check out the First Site facebook page for more photographs.

Sorry, I was only able to visit this on its last day … ‘Wondernamel‘ was part of Radiant Pavilion and was at The First Site Gallery until 4th September 2015 (today).

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