‘Small’ & ‘paper_plastic_metal_stone’ @ Black Finch

2 09 2015

And so my Radiant Pavilion madness starts. I’m sad to say that I simply won’t be able to see everything I want to see … but such is the sacrifice one makes, by working in an office, so one can buy jewellery for love … you know.

So, first, ‘Small‘ at Black Finch.

This is a sweet group of three collections from RMIT students. I was saying to the lovely gallery person that I could barely get myself together enough to get my course work done, let alone pieces for an exhibition – so huge kudos to these artists.

Artists: Cara Johnson, Naasicaa Larsen, Gabbee Stolp

installation; photograph taken with gallery permission

installation; photograph taken with gallery permission

Gabbee’s bees are a delight; and Naasicaa’s piece about time is subtle (I like the exploration of time). Cara’s is a sensational piece I think … the bird is exquisitely small (but of course), and it sits in the net in a precarious way … I liked it a lot.

Small‘ is actually in the display window before the gallery door – so it’s available for viewing outside of gallery hours (though I’m not sure about lighting for night times).

Small‘ is part of Radiant Pavilion and is at Black Finch until 30th September 2015.

Now, while I was visiting I was taken by the neckpiece being worn by the delightful Black Finch gallery person. Amazing!

I didn’t take a photograph, as I was hesitant to ask (of course I now wish I had) … but discussion uncovered that it is a piece from another Radiant Pavilion exhibition ‘paper_plastic_metal_stone‘.

Artists: Katie Jayne Britchford, Gillian Deery, Clementine Edwards, Emi Fukuda

It was a Katie Jayne Britchford piece – which is obvious in hindsight and I should have identified it before having to be told! Honestly. Embarrassing.

Made of hefty slices of agate (I think) interspaced by what was perhaps opaque white perspex, on a rope. The simplicity was stunning, in the good way. It reminded me of Dorothea Pruhl‘s work in its monumentality.

This exhibition is actually a little different in that it is being worn by various gallery people during the week, and you can also see it online … I do hope I get to see more.

paper_plastic_metal_stone‘ is part of Radiant Pavilion and will be on people until 6th September 2015.



3 responses

2 09 2015
Katie Jayne

thanks Melbourne Jeweller 🙂

btw, it’s a jasper and marble neckpiece. 🙂

3 09 2015

it’s genuinely gorgeous Katie Jayne!

3 09 2015
Katie Jayne

thank you! enjoy the rest of RP – so much to see!!!

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