No, I don’t like it

26 07 2015

I’ve returned to the experiments after a few weeks hiatus. This time I thought I’d play with chance and randomness – selecting the papers with my eyes closed, without intent, and using them in the order they were chosen.

Study 010: oh dear, it’s quite ugly

Study 010

Study 010

You can tell by the awful title, I don’t like it.

I used the randomly chosen colours for the set of papers shown in the image as horizontal (though I refer to that direction as the ‘verticals’, as they’re that way when I weave them … I should probably do a bit of reading and use ‘real’ weaving terms). Then decided to order the papers in a more pleasing colour-order to weave the other way.

working on it

working on it

I really don’t like it. Though somehow I’m compelled to keep looking at at. Perhaps I’m hoping for an epiphany or a lead on the next experiment…



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