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30 06 2015

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all month:

  • Gallery Funaki, Jiro Kamata dark to light to dark‘ [link]; “Jiro Kamata creates worlds of subtle colour, illusion and depth through his use of camera and other lenses.
  • Powerhouse Museum (Sydney), ‘A fine possession: jewellery and identity‘ [link]; until 20th September; see my review post
  • Holmes à Court Gallery at Vasse Felix Winery (Margaret River, WA), Helen Britton, ‘Helen Britton in context’ [link]; “Helen Britton will be in residence from 21 September until 11 October. In Context presents Helen’s work in the context of works by some of the key artists from the early years of her development in Western Australia, including Barbara Bolt, Pippin Drysdale, Nola Farman, Gill Irvine, Else van Keppel, and Philippa O’Brien, alongside her current West Australian collaborators, Justine McKnight and Michelle Taylor. To complete the concept, works of David Bielander and Yutaka Minegishi, both internationally renowned artists and Helen’s Munich studio partners for now over 13 years, will also be on exhibition. The photographer, Simon Bielander, completes this picture with a recent image of the studio atmosphere. This exhibition of over 60 works covers jewellery, fashion, textiles, painting, drawing and ceramics.” until 11th October

2nd July: Long Division Gallery, ‘Material. Process. Object‘ [link]; “Material. Process. Object’ is a collaborative installation showcasing four Melbourne based, emerging female artist’s creative process. Experimenting with abstraction, Samantha O’Farrell, Niamh Minogue, Tessy M King and Kari Lee McInneny-McRae have created an immersive and colourful landscape that engages with the outward expression of the artists stream of consciousness.  ‘Material. Process. Object.’ shows the artists evolution of ideas through a semi-organised cluster of materiality and process within the pristine white walls of the gallery space.’“; until 22nd July

4th July: last day for 45downstairs; Aurelia Yeomans, Inari Kiuru, Naoko Inuzuka, ‘Solstice – of darkness and light‘ [link]; “A solstice marks the two brief moments during an astronomical year when day and night meet as equals. This elusive balance between dreaming and wakefulness, the conscious and the unconscious, and the natural cycles around and within us, are the focus of Solstice – of darkness and light. An exhibition of contemporary jewellery, objects and image.”

9th July: Courtesy of the Artist (Sydney)

  • Peta Kruger ‘Shapes of Things‘ [link]; “For this exhibition, Peta has investigated characteristics of traditional fine jewellery and costume jewellery through the processes of deconstruction and reconstruction.“; until 30th July

    exhibition media

    exhibition media

  • Philip Sajet ‘The Battle for Beauty‘ [link]; “This July, the Jewellers and Metalsmiths Group of Australia (JMGA) will hold its biennial conference and Courtesy of the Artist is pleased to showcase the work of internationally renowned Dutch Contemporary Jewellery Artist, Philip Sajet.“; until 20th July

    exhibition media

    exhibition media

9th July: Jam Factory, Julie Blyfield ‘Panorama‘ (preview) [link]; thanks to the Gallery Funaki newsletter: “Julie Blyfield has recently completed a major new body of work, to be shown in Wales (Ruthin Crafts Centre) and Scotland (The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh) until February 2016.  Panorama is a series of 53 jewellery pieces and small scale objects inspired by the Australian landscape, in particular the remote Olary region of South Australia. The Jam Factory is hosting a preview of Panorama before it heads overseas“; until 25th July

exhibition media

exhibition media

10-12th July: JMGA Conference ‘edgesbordersgaps‘ [link] in Sydney; “the 16th Jewellers and Metalsmiths Group of Australia (JMGA) conference encompasses a range of events which bring together practitioners of all levels of experience from around Australia, New Zealand and beyond.
Through the conference we seek to provide a forum to generate a lively environment for discussion and deliberation of current issues in the field of contemporary jewellery. … We are accustomed to jewellery playing a range of defined roles in our lives, appearing in different contexts and generating a variety of meanings.  Jewellery from non-traditional materials is no longer unusual, but what of jewellery that tests our understanding of a ‘jewel’ in other ways? In our technologically-oriented world borders are shifting and dissipating, so where are the current borders within contemporary jewellery? What do they look like today? What are they separating? What gaps are appearing, waiting to be filled? Have we reached the boundaries of contemporary jewellery as we have known it or are we reconstructing it in other guises?”
So many exhibitions attached to this ….too many to write up here, please visit the exhibition page

12th July: last day for NGV ‘Exquisite Threads: English Embroidery 1600s – 1900s‘ [link]

15th July: public lecture, Pravu Mazumdar Understanding Surfaces. On Jewellery and Identity; “Dr Pravu Mazumdar is a Munich based writer and teacher who’s work discusses art and philosophy, in particular, French postmodernism and the philosophy of Michael Foucault.
Human surfaces are hybrid objects involving biological and cultural elements like dress, makeup, jewellery, gait, skin, posture, voice. Contemporary societies manifest not only surfaces of products, but also human surfaces functioning as ‘packaging’ and emitting discourses on interiority that place humans within limits and define their individuality.
However, the surfaces are not only readable. They are also produced on a daily basis, not only by the individuals themselves or the global beauty industry at large, but also a whole political machinery of identity, gleaning certain constant, measurable and recognisable traits of individuality from the surface discourses, documenting them in passports and identity cards and locking in modern individuals within the shell of their identity. Modern jewellery – in its contemporary, critical manifestations and its inherent tendency of breaching tradition – can break open the shell of identity and involve individuals in an open play of enhancement and change of masks. It can indeed be understood as a means of counteracting the pressure towards identity in daily life in modern societies.
“; 5:30pm, RMIT University, Swanston Academic Building, Building 80, Level 2, Room 7, 427-433 Swanston Street, Melbourne

25th July: last day for Craft, ‘Leaders‘ [link]; “Nine Victorian makers leading the way across traditional, experimental and contemporary crafts showcase diverse ways of making and thinking within the craft landscape. Nick Bastin, Sarah crowEST, Georgina Cue, Timothy McLeod, Mariella McKinley, Ian Mowbray, Owen Rye, Vipoo Srivilasa, Nick Wirdnam.”

31st July: NGV Winter Masterpiece, ‘Masterpieces from the Hermitage: The Legacy of Catherine the Great‘ [link]; “… showcases one of the world’s greatest art collections. Featuring works by artists including Rembrandt, Rubens, Velázquez and Van Dyck, the exhibition offers over 500 outstanding works including the finest group of Dutch and Flemish art to come to Australia. This exclusive Melbourne exhibition will also highlight the innovation and vision of Catherine the Great, whose inexhaustible passion for education, the arts and culture heralded a period of enlightenment in the region.    The extraordinary works sourced and commissioned by Catherine during her 34-year reign, created the foundations for the Hermitage today – considered to be one of the world’s greatest treasure houses of art and decorative arts.“; until 8th November

please tell me of other exhibitions or events
also check out Melissa Cameron’s excellent informative blog (especially for competitions)

Plan ahead

August: Craft Cubed [link]

1-6th September: Radiant Pavillion – Melbourne Contemporary Jewellery and Object Trail [link]

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30 06 2015

Oooh.. the Helen Britton one sounds really interesting.. bit far away for this Melbourne girl though!

30 06 2015

I know, I even entertained the thought of traveling just for it!

3 07 2015

I can think of worse places to go than a winery with an exhibition 🙂

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