Hide it or show it

8 05 2015

I own a couple of very beautiful rings.
I do like looking at them, for they are gorgeous.

When not being worn they’re locked securely away.
But I want to look at them even when I’m not wearing them.

So I’ve been thinking about making a little display of them.
However … well … a part of me is worried about them being stolen.

Though that’s a bit silly right … because:

  • when my apartment was broken into (about a decade ago now) the weird-stealing-people found every bit of jewellery I owned anyway, no matter where I had hid it
  • I can always lock them away on the days my cleaner comes (yes, I am so bourgeois; in my defence my tricky health meant I needed to make difficult choices about where I want to spend my energy; I reasoned that the cost of the cleaner means I have stamina and time to do more soul-nourishing things)
  • living on my own means very few unapproved people wander through the place
  • it’s not like I’d have the display near a street-facing window where passers-by should chance to see them
  • the only other reason for not having them displayed somewhere would be for metal/surface care … however I rotate my rings regularly (erm that sounds stranger than I meant it to!), and therefore it’s not such a problem for me (there are always polishing cloths to care for that)

Do you display or hide?



2 responses

8 05 2015
Helen Heap

I display mine all over my house and all over me. Pleasure everyday. And if someone needs to steal them then that would be a shame for me but maybe they would be happy !

29 05 2015
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