Where it’s at

25 02 2015

Instagram seems to be where it’s at.

You’ll likely already know this, perhaps you figured it out simply ages ago …. well, I have previously openly admitted to being something of a late adapter.

I’ve only recently joined the platform, and have been surprised by the volume of postings … in fact, some of my favourite bloggers (well, perhaps ‘former’ bloggers?) are reasonably active on Instagram*. Hoorah.

Well, more a small ‘hoorah’ in its specific place. Instagram is super for visual sharing; not so much for the long musing informative kind of sharing I enjoy most. And I do get a bit overdosed when images on Instagram are the same as those shared on Facebook etc**.

But it certainly is pretty darn fabulous nonetheless, especially for filling the visual well … and getting all a bit jealous of how rather marvellous many makers are … and perhaps the spontaneous nature of the platform means that makers share images of their process that would be unlikely to be shared on any other platform (and they’re honestly so magical!).

*are you also sad that David Neale isn’t posting to his blog as regularly as he once did (I’m not throwing stones here, I’m not posting as much as I once did either! in fact, very few of the bloggers I follow are), then check his Instagram stream for much joy … among others of course …

** oh the irony, exactly like I did in my sunrise photograph post!



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