Art Jewellery Challenge, day 4

24 01 2015

Facebook Art Jewellery Challenge was started by Donna Greenberg in the hope of capturing a diversity of what is happening around the world of art jewellery. I was nominated by Claire O’Halloran (thank you lovely!) so for 5 days I will show some of my jewellery and each day I will also nominate another artist to show us their jewellery.
Day Four : Exhibit #5, Quilted Fragment (2006) ; “The motif used in these fragments is strikingly similar to that in Exhibit #1.  As such, the two groups together have been used to derive a possible detail of the extended pattern.  The black colouring of the textile is most unusual for this region, with most work done in white or brightly colour fabric.  As such, these fragments are somewhat of a rarity.”; another piece from my third year jewellery collection
Today I nominate Marina Antoniou Jewellery, to show us one of her beautiful creations and nominate an inspiring jeweller every day for five days. ‪#‎ArtJewelleryChallenge‬

image not to be reproduced without permission

image not to be reproduced without permission

20Feb13 : RMIT Year 3, Semester 2, Jewellery
19Jun12 : My piece for ‘The Year was 2006
11Mar13 : RMIT Year 3, Semester 2, Jewellery, continued
01May13 : RMIT Year 3, Semester 2, Jewellery, even more
08Jul13 : Quilt detail
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