13 01 2015

I think I’m missing making.

Well, no, perhaps not making.
More the thinking.

The absorption.
The secret mind-space.
The random connections.
The sorting of ideas from each other.
The conversations around ideas.
The seeking.
The finding.
The revelation.

I’m not sure what to fill the gap with.
For now I’m making foods – cooking is creating too.

I hope the answer comes clearly.
And soon.

I may need to resort to the ‘If I was Invited‘ idea



One response

14 01 2015

This really resonates with me – creativity is a fragile thing. I think time for creativity is also often viewed as a ‘luxury’ time, in that it’s something not to be ‘indulged’ in until all the ‘real work’ is done (eg. the paying jobs, the child rearing, the housework etc.) It can be hard to clear time for …. thinking

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