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31 12 2014

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  • Craft ‘Supermarket‘ [link]; “Exploring the phenomenon of markets and production ware, Supermarket transforms the gallery into a marketplace of limited edition works exclusive to Craft from a select group of Melbourne makers.“; until 31st January
  • Melbourne Museum, ‘The Art of Science‘ [link]; until 1st February
  • Woollongong Art Gallery ‘White Heat‘ [link]; group ceramic jewellery exhibition; until 15th February
  • Powerhouse Museum (Sydney), ‘A fine possession: jewellery and identity‘, will “celebrate the central place of jewellery in our lives from antiquity to the present-day through over 700 iconic and rarely seen objects” [link]; until September; see my review post

7th January: Nancy Sever Gallery (Canberra) ‘Sometimes there isn’t anything to get‘ [link]; “This no holds barred contemporary art exhibition features recent work from exciting Canberra artists Joel Arthur, Zoe Brand, Byrd, and Hanna Hoyne. Often amusingly, the artists subvert art/life boundaries, elevating the familiar through their individual practices of painting, jewellery, stencilling and performance art. The exhibition title celebrates contemporary art’s accessibility, yet hints at the essential irony of conceptual jeweller Zoe Brand’s statement. “; until 30th January

exhibition media; click on image for original facebook source

exhibition media; click on image for original FB source

8th January: Gaffa (Sydney), ‘Earworms‘ group earring exhibition [link]; “Included in this exhibition are 25 jewellery artists from Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Spain and Taiwan. Each jeweller has created a pair of earrings that will be installed over top of illustrator Geoffrey Goodes painting on the walls of the gallery. Each jeweller was selected for his or her skill and precision, of a distinctive style and each artist uses materials in innovative ways.“; until 19th January

exhibition media; click on image for original FB source

exhibition media; click on image for original FB source

14th January: Rubicon ARI, Annie Gobel and Marcos Guzman ‘Colourfast Guaranteed’ [link]; “Colourfast Guaranteed considers the ‘brilliance’ of colour and the permanent visual effect that remains after the ‘wash and rinse’ cycle of associations and experiences. Annie Gobel and Marcos Guzman seek to represent colour through specific applications and thoughtful decision making that speaks of hues, contrasts and compositions while embodying a literal jewellery form. This exhibition celebrates the use of colour and the applications that the artists employ to render wearable pieces.“; until 31st January

exhibition media

exhibition media

18th January: last day for Pieces of Eight, Josh Grogan curates ‘Victory‘ [link]; “Grogan sets the challenge by inviting the artists to make a piece of jewellery in his signature colour palette of blue, white, gold or silver that encapsulates the theme of VICTORY. The works will be installed in the central vitrine and available for purchase during the exhibition.

20th January: Lord Coconut ‘The Marriage Act‘ [link]; “Marriage equality is coming and as we wait for our politicians to catch up with the rest of society, help us celebrate the diverse range of relationships within the community with our wide range of Australian made wedding rings.“; part of Midsumma; until 14th February

24th January: last day for Jam Factory (Adelaide), Alice Potter ‘Colour: Speaking in Plumes‘ [link, page]; “a collection of new jewellery pieces centred around the colour combinations different species of birds display in their feathers. .. Each of these pieces embodies a specific species of bird, taking the colours from their feathers and reinterpreting these within the jewellery works.

31st January: last day for Studio 20/17 (Sydney), ‘Little Big‘ [link]; “The scale of things is always relative. It just depends upon your perspective. .. This exhibition is about turning our perspective on its head, questioning the importance, weighting and priority we give to things.

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