MelbourneJeweller on Instagram

27 12 2014

Are you seated? I have news.
I have joined the ‘modern world’ and am now on Instagram.

It’s true.


I’ve also added a little widget in the right column that will show the latest three photographs —-> see??

Pop on over. Share some love. Show me how to work it …

There are so many internets platforms… I’m now part of:

  • blogging: well, erm, obviously!
  • Esty: I had some items in a store, but after a year closed it down; I still use Etsy to fill the visual well, buy handmade and interesting things
  • Facebook: I publish my blog stories, and also share other interesting arts/jewellery related links; I’ve also noticed that people are happier to leave comments on the page than on the blog, so I’m happy I am on FB for I do like to generate and be part of discussion
  • Instagram: as above
  • Twitter: I have an account though am yet to get myself excited about using it



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