Blog roundup

6 12 2014

Oh dear readers, I fear this may be the last Blog Roundup post. There just aren’t that many blogs around any more, and those that are around are only being rarely updated, with notable exceptions:

  • Katherine Bowman is one of the few bloggers still updating regularly – this makes me happy, for I do love her work
  • my other favourite, David Neale, is only rarely updating these days
  • the most excellent Melissa Cameron continues to engage with readers; thank goodness really, she’s an incredibly important source of competition information and such, and is critically interested in so many aspects of making – if you’re not already regularly reading her, you ought to
  • in non-blog writing, I have discovered The Jewellery Activist … the authors sometimes writes, though mostly collects images and writing from other jewellery-related sources; definitely worth your regular visit

Tell me if you’ve found interesting sites recently.

Sigh … I do think it’s time I joined instagram, as that seems to be where all the young kids are posting nowadays … though it does lack the written element I enjoy even more than the images.

I’ve moved those blogs that haven’t updated for near six months into the ‘Hibernating’ group on the Links Page.

I’ve also retired a bunch that haven’t updated in over a year … though for posterity I include their links below:

Note that many of those still making of course have websites and/or tumblr and/or instagram and/or facebook and the like…



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