Reading: Daily Rituals

5 10 2014

I’ve just finished reading ‘Daily Rituals‘ by Mason Currey. It’s a book with snippets about various creatives, mostly writers, and their daily routines. It’s quite intriguing and compulsive reading being easy to pick up at will (with each creative only taking up a page or two at most).

I like to peek into the world of others and to think about how they structure their day … do they battle the muse, wait for inspiration, have a regular time they force the work? There are many different approaches and it’s a frankly a relief that there isn’t one way it should work for everyone.

A few thoughts on the content:

  • there are lots of early mornings; many preferring the early hours and morning; believing to be most productive before lunch
  • walking comes up quite regularly; and long walks at that
  • I wonder if these people had to make their own meals or do their own housework or grocery shopping?
  • many of the people included are from previous generations; and I expect that the pattern would look remarkably different if one were to interview contemporary creatives; I wonder how many of the entries such as reading, entertaining, walking, playing music and such would instead be replaced with watching tv, playing video-games, checking facebook and other social media…
  • of course there is much mention of various stimulants

It was only after finishing the book that I finally read the introduction … and realised that the author started collecting these notes in a blog. Interesting. Though I wonder if the blog-to-book phenomenon may be at its natural end (with blogs dying out) … how will budding authors get their work noticed now? Perhaps twitter-to-books-with-very-short-paragraphs? Or tumblr-to-picture-book? Instagram-to-coffee-book?



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