Drawing leaves

27 07 2014

As regular readers know, I’m taking a break from making jewellery.
It’s okay.
I do however want for something else to fill that creative void.
The urge to create is to be answered.
To assuage the need, I’m taking a botanical art class.

I’ve done plenty of drawing classes before, both formally (including an RMIT class) and also through evening classes and such; and I decided on this class to reawaken that love.

Our first lesson was talking a bit, and a few of the basics (in pencil).

I learned new things … not that I know lots, but I was surprised to learn something brand new in the first few hours of a class. This pleased me immensely.

Most importantly, a lovely statement from our teacher: “drawing is putting a line around a thought“.

drawing 26Jul14; not to be reproduced without permission

drawing 26Jul14; not to be reproduced without permission

This is one of the pages from my first lesson.

The centre leaf is my absolute favourite; mostly because the lines were felt and came from my hand exactly as I wanted them first time. The clarity of the act was utterly enjoyable, and the lines are beautiful to me.
Just that one leaf though, the others are learning doodles.



One response

28 07 2014

Lovely to see your new creative endeavour. I also love your teachers quote.

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