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31 05 2014

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  • RMIT Gallery, ‘Revelations: Sculpture from the RMIT Art Collection‘ [link]; “For the first time, a selection of key sculptural works from the RMIT University Art Collection will be displayed at RMIT Gallery in a exhibition, that showcases important pieces from the past 50 years and beyond. Revelations features Australian and international artists including Ah Xian, Lisa Roet, Sam Jinks, Clement Meadmore, Inge King and Bill Fontana, and will unveil new acquisitions and highlight major works from the long standing collection.“; until 12th July
  • NGV ‘START UP: Top Art 2014‘ [link]; until 20th July; see my review post
  • Melbourne Museum ‘Aztecs‘ [link]; until 10th August
  • NGV Winter Masterpieces ‘Italian Masterpieces from Spain’s Royal Court, Museo del Prado, Madrid‘ [link]; “The holdings of Italian art in the Museo Nacional del Prado, Madrid are unique and unrivalled in museums outside Italy.  Drawn from its magnificent collection, this exhibition of over 70 paintings and 30 drawings presents a rich selection of works spanning 300 years of Italian art, from the early sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries.”; until 31st August

1st June – 1st October: applications for Schmuck and Talente 2015 [link]

1st June: last for registration for New Traditional Jewellery International Contest 2014, theme ‘CONFRONTATIONS‘ [link]

1st June: last day for Craft, ‘Fresh! 2013‘ [link]; see my review post

1st June: last day for Montsalvat Artists Exhibition ‘Soundings‘ [link]; Barn Gallery Montsalvat

3rd June: RMIT Project Space Gallery, Mark Edgoose ‘Triggers: Craft objects in Space and Time‘ [link]; “Edgoose investigates our perceptions of the vessel, and how craft objects appear, inhabit, extend into and pertain to both space and viewer. Triggers explores and broadens the traditional identity and role of these objects, expanding them from self-contained entities into artworks that connect and create relationships – between themselves; to their environment; and to the viewer.“; opening 5th, floor talk 19th 12:45; until 3rd July

exhibition media

exhibition media

7th June: last day for Lord Coconut ‘Binary‘ group exhibition [link]

7th June: last day for Bilk Gallery (Canberra), ‘Miniatures‘ group glass exhibition [link]

10th June: last day for Studio Ingot, Regine Schwarzer ‘Mineral Manifestations‘; “The work of Regine Schwarzer is influenced by the crystalline structure of rocks and minerals. Schwarzer cuts her own stones and uses the geometry of gems as a design element, but more recently has begun experimenting with fusing crushed and ground minerals onto metal surfaces with base enamel. This exhibition is a collection of new sculptural forms that adorn both body and space, and showcase Schwarzer’s mastery of the mineral kingdom.” [link]

exhibition media

exhibition media

14th June: Studio 20/17 (Sydney), ‘Conveying Korean Metalcraft‘ Sung Joon CHO & Kenny SON [link]; until 28th June

exhibition media

exhibition media

14th June: D11 @ Docklands, Claire McArdle ‘Identity Fair‘ [link]; ‘12-5pm Wed-Sun‘; until 28th June

exhibition media; click on image for original source

exhibition media; click on image for original source

14th June: last day for Gallery Funaki, Helen Britton ‘pairs of pieces‘ [link]; see my review post

19th June: Craft, Kirsten Haydon ‘Ice storeroom‘ [link]; “The ice has a remarkable quality of preserving and storing knowledge within its structure. Inclusions, both micro and macro, in the ice can provide detail about the moment the ice was formed. This knowledge could be accessed from analysing the trapped gases or dust particles or by connecting with the narrative of an enclosed man-made object. In this installation Ice storeroom builds on Haydon’s previous work with Antarctica and explores the notion that Antarctica is a repository for environmental and cultural knowledge.“; until 26th July

exhibition media

exhibition media

19th June: RMIT School of Art Gallery, ‘This must be the place‘, An exhibition of work by students from the RMIT School of Art Master of Fine Art program [link]; until 27th June

21st June: last day for Pieces of Eight [link], Natalia Milosz-Piekarska ‘Immortal Morsels‘ [link]; see my review post

22nd June: last day for Lindy McSwan ‘Five Horizons‘, Sofitel Hotel foyer; following her fabulous success in Fresh! 2012; “My work in the Sofitel is an expression of my experience and enduring memory of travel to remote desert landscapes in Central Australia. The underlying notion contemplates the enormity of the horizon.  In particular the rare phenomenon of a 360 degree horizon where one’s sense of self is heightened and the scale of the earth becomes evident. In these rare experiences the red horizon is an undulating, continual line subtly describing the curvature of the earth’s surface framing distance and time.” [link]

image from interview; click on image for original source

image from interview; click on image for original source

25th June: last day for applications to Mari Funaki Award [link]

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also check out Melissa Cameron’s excellent informative blog (especially for competitions)
also, check out ArtPrizes

Plan ahead:

4th July: last day for application to Lord Coconut ‘The Melbourne Cufflink‘ student prize [link]

11th July: last day for application to Stanley Street Gallery ‘Over Your Head‘ contemporary jewellery exhibition and prize [link]

20th July: last day for application to Nicolas Estrada’s ‘New Necklaces: 500+ Designs from Around the World‘ [link]

25th July: last day for application to 2014 ITAMI International Craft Exhibition Award, theme is ‘Shuki-Shuhaidai, sakeware’ [link]

25th July: last day for application to Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize [link]

31st August: last day for application to Aesthetica Art Prize [link]

15th November: last day for application to Preziosa Young 2015 [link]

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