2 04 2014

A few things I think of as dream jobs … well not even jobs, but ways to pass the day … if money were no object …

  • astrophotographer – I love the stars
  • painting restorer – I demonstrate uncanny patience for some activities
  • expert in some insanely specific museum-art niche – say, the jewellery of Flemish portraiture in the 15/16/17th centuries, or the iconography of ceramic decoration from Central and South America from 900-1500
  • enameler – again, super-patience; though someone may need to construct the rest of the jewellery/object

Thinking back over time …

  • nightclub dancer in Paris in the 20s – think Justine Baker
  • assistant to Linnaeus – organisation excellence
  • or to Herschel
  • … or so many other amazing minds who discovered things for the very first time (oh the wonder!)

That is all for now.



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