Bye bye studio

25 03 2014

Regular readers will know of my recent struggles with the muse and creative process. Yes, it’s been a underlying theme for ages.

You probably also spotted my recent break-up letter with my studio.

Well – it’s really happening – I’m moving out of the studio.

Big sigh. Sad times indeed. Heart-breaking to be honest.

It’s taken a lot of soul searching to finally admit that I’ve (hopefully temporarily) fallen out of love with making jewellery. I will keep visiting exhibitions and writing though, for I love the community and certainly love seeing the making of others!

I will also keep my equipment, as I do hope that the love will return in time.

Therefore, my beautiful studio buddies are looking for a jeweller to take up my space in the shared studio. They’ve been established in the same studio for many years, and I spent more than three happy years there with them. They’re seriously just lovely and gorgeous people!

The kind of person I know they’re looking for will be responsible, reliable and a kind of kindred spirit…

The studio is part of the Red Box artist studios in Collingwood.

If you’re looking to share a studio space (and have your own bench etc), email (or facebook message) me and I’ll pass on your message.



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