13 03 2014

Now I’ve often said how I am usually late to adopt any ‘new’ things, so naturally I’m a late-comer to this too. I quite like the idea of crowdfunding … it feels good to help an enterprise, a ‘hand-up not a hand-out’ as they say.

There are many different sites for this kind of activity, but the creative communities seem to prefer:

Which to choose? There are many aspects to think about, but I understand some of the considerations may be:

  • pozible is based in Australia and offers some different kinds of funding models
  • kickstarter has a longer history and is limited to creative projects
  • indiegogo differs from the other two in that any funds pledged are transacted, not all-or-nothing (ie. you only get the monies if campaign is fully funded) and has options for non-profits
  • different fee structures
  • reputations and experience of friends and such things

After musing on this for a while, I found this page on Wikipedia that compares the major crowdfunding platforms (of course take it with a grain of salt, for you never know who is writing the text). And this page shows the top 10 (US?) ranked platforms. Lastly, this blog looks to take a wider view of the available platforms and the movement in general.

After recently supporting a campaign, I’ve taken to regularly looking through these three sites to see if there are any more jewellery or craft-related projects I can be part of.

Have you used any of these platforms to raise funds for your making? I’d love to hear stories (I don’t plan on making use of these avenues, well at least not in the foreseeable future; but regular readers may be interested).

Update (20th March): I’ve just spotted that there is a “Be Awesome at Crowdfunding Melbourne Masterclasses” being held by a group called Social Traders, associated with (a crowdsourcing platform), in Melbourne on both 4th and 5th April [see here].

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