Powerhouse Museum

21 02 2014

Recently my friend and fabulous jeweller Nicole Polentas highlighted that one of her pieces is part of the Powerhouse Museum’s permanent collection (purchased in 2012). How super!

Being a Melbourne resident (for just over a decade now), I’m not very familiar with the Powerhouse Museum (it’s in Sydney; you probably knew that). This new information gave me reason to investigate further online.

I am especially impressed with their pages sharing details of their acquisitions. I believe every publicly funded art institution should follow this example. [I couldn’t see equivalent information on the NGV site.]

Even more impressive is the number of contemporary, and older, jewellery items acquired in recent years; much donated and others purchased, many of those using the Yasuko Myer Bequest.

Yay for the Powerhouse Museum.

I understand that the Art Gallery of South Australia has a wonderful collection of contemporary jewellery under the bequest, the Rhianon Vernon-Roberts Memorial Collection. Sadly I couldn’t find much information on this on their website; though I do remember seeing it in person when our university group visited the gallery and had a private showing. Ah memories.


And while speaking of the Powerhouse, Gallery Loupe’s facebook page mentions that there is something pretty special brewing for September this year. Oooooh, exciting.



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