Metal price update

21 11 2013

Just a quick update:

1. Gold per gram in A$ : prices have been coming down this month and are getting closer to the lowest for the last year

gold per gram in $A; early morning 21Nov13

gold per gram in $A; early morning 21Nov13

2. Silver per kilogram in A$ (cannot get gram chart, but I’m confident you can divide by 1000!)

silver price per kg in A$; early morning 21Nov13

silver price per kg in A$; early morning 21Nov13

May be time to buy some metal? [But seriously, don’t take my word for it; I’m neither a financial nor metal merchant adviser person!]

previous metal price update: 16th October 2013

Two questions

17 11 2013

Please tell me if you know the answers:

1. unless I’m suffering from online-blindness, I cannot find any media for ‘Fresh!‘ this year (the annual survey of graduate work that has been at Craft for many years; I couldn’t make last year, but these are the stories for 2011, 2010, 2009) … is it not happening?

2. again, perhaps I’m not using the right search terms, but I cannot find any listing for an exhibition of RMIT 1st and 2nd year Gold & Silversmithing students (other years’ stories 2011, 2010, 2009) … is it not happening?


Update (21st November): please see the comments (from the most excellent Katie Jayne Britchford) for the full answers, but in short:
1. yes it will be happening early in the new year
2. no, it’s not happening


Calendar: December 2013 sneak peek

15 11 2013

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Whitehorse Jewellery / Box Hill graduates ‘Allegory’ @ No Vacancy

14 11 2013

I do like graduate exhibition season; though would prefer it if Melbourne’s weather could sort itself out – I mean honestly, where’s the sunshine?!

Allegory‘ is the graduate exhibition of the students from Box Hill Tafe Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology (Jewellery); as a group they go by the title of Whitehorse Jewellery.



My initial impressions:

  • muted / restricted colour palette (with the exception of Megan Greenwood)
  • lots of silver
  • quite a bit of metal-smithing (a good thing) and especially copper
  • perhaps casting was a focus during their course?
  • No Vacancy gallery is a pretty big space to fill!

The accompanying (free) book is well produced. And I noticed this in the NMIT book too, that graduates are publishing contact details (email, site, facebook); while I’m sure this isn’t the first year this has been done, it’s worth giving it a mention and acknowledging that this is a good thing to do.

While talking about the book, it always makes me a little sad that the deadlines for photography and printing usually mean that the most complex and accomplished pieces are not able to make it into the booklet … this is by no means a criticism (I’ve had this happen to me too) and I can’t think of a solution, it’s just a little bit of a shame in terms of a representative keepsake.



Participating makers are (alphabetical by surname):

  • Man Chaing
  • Helen Diprose
  • Megan Greenwood [facebook]
  • Melanie Hilder [facebook]
  • Samantha Lee [site]
  • Tanya Louey
  • Alicia Hannah Naomi [site; blog]
  • Helen Paterson
  • Georgia Pignolet
  • Jesse Thomas

Many of the students contributed work to Lord Coconut’s recent ‘Melbourne Cufflink’ exhibition and prize.

Megan Greenwood's work

Megan Greenwood’s work

I especially liked Megan Greenwood’s object (right in the image above); and the raindrops neckpiece by Helen Diprose. My gallery-visiting-friend very much admired the work of Alicia Hannah Naomi [check out how much she loved them in her post]; I also like the rings that looked like they were from out-of-space minerals (maybe made by electro-forming or casting?). I also got a huge kick out of the artist statement for Jesse Thomas, especially the last sentence: “He blames Star Wars for this”.

Allegory‘ is at No Vacancy Gallery until 17th November 2013.

2011 silverspun‘ @ £1000 bend

2009 Peep Show‘ @ Self Preservation