Calendar: October 2013

30 09 2013

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all October: Roseanne Barley ‘Seeding the Cloud‘, Personal Space Project, contemporary jewellery online and in-person in Zoe Brand’s room [link]

1st October: last day for application to Talente and Schmuck 2014 [link; also]

1st October: Pieces of Eight, Belinda Esperson ‘Raw Detail‘ [link]; until 9th November

3rd October: Courtesy of the Artist (Sydney), Emma Fielden ‘draw’ [link]; until 2nd November

3rd October: last day for Schoolhouse Gallery (Tasmania), ‘Pushing the Boundaries‘, a group exhibition of Tasmanian contemporary jewellers [link]

4th/5th October: Finders Keepers market [link]

5th October: last day for applications to exhibit at Trocadero Art Space in 2014 [link]

5th October: last day for Gallery Funaki, Yutaka Minegishi ‘Mostly Twisted‘ [link]

5th October: last day for Studio 20/17 (Sydney), Regine Schwarzer ‘Mineral Manifestations‘ [link]

5th October: last day for Stanley Street Gallery (Sydney), Alice Wish Jewellery [link]

5th & 12th October: Northcity4 workshop, Basic Stone Setting with Kathryn Wardill [link]

6th October: Workshop, The Art of Papercutting, with Kristine Tay at PaperLab [link]; with thanks to HandMadeLife for the headsup!

7th October: last day for applications to Craft Hatch November market [link]

8th October: Studio 20/17 (Sydney), Sonya Scott ‘Dripstone‘ [link]; until 26th October

8th October: start date for next Leisure Jewellery class at NMIT [link]

9th October: start date for next Beginners Jewellery class at Northcity4 [link]

12th October: last day for Craft, Claire McArdle ‘Worn Translations‘ [link]

14th October: start date for next Silversmithing class at NMIT [link]
14th October: start date for new Enamelling class at NMIT [link]
14th & 17th October: start dates for next Intermediate Jewellery classes at NMIT [link]
14th & 16th & 17th October: start dates for next Introductory Jewellery classes at NMIT [link]

16th October: Katie Jayne Britchford ‘Moon Stone‘, exhibition at Trocadero Art Space [link]; opening 19th, until 2nd November

16th October: Stanley Street Gallery (Sydney), tenmore girls ‘GIRLS ON TIME‘ [link]; until 9th November

16th 6th October: last day for Lord Coconut ‘Art of the Cuff‘ [link]; I’m in this one! Part of Melbourne Fringe Festival [link]

17th October: start date for next Gem Setting class at NMIT [link]

18th October: Gallery One Three, ‘Embodied‘ [link] curated by Suse Scholem; “…four contemporary jewellers from Australia, New Zealand and America. Tassia Joannides (AUS), Rachel Timmins (USA), Suse Scholem (AUS) and Selina Woulfe (NZ) break conventions of wearability, incorporating performance; photography; ephemeral and interactive work as well as object making in their practices. Embodied brings these artists together for the first time to present unique dialogues around the body.“; until 9th November

exhibition media

exhibition media

18th October: last day for application to exhibit at First Site Gallery in first half of 2014 [link]

23rd October: C3 at Abbotsford Convent, Clementine Edwards ‘State of Emergency‘ [link]; “STATE OF EMERGENCY is an exhibition of new work by jeweller Clementine Edwards. Interested in the Boston Bombings and the publication of the blueprints to the world’s first 3D-printable gun, the show tells a story of fear, fame, spectacle and semiotic disjunction.“; until 10th November

exhibition media

exhibition media

27th October: last day for Toowoomba Contemporary Wearables 2013 [link]

29th October: studio 20/17 (Sydney) Danae Natsis ‘Contemporary Jewellery‘ [link]; until 16th November

31st October: Northcity4 seminar ‘Exchanges‘ [link]; “Cultural exchange is at the heart of nurturing and celebrating diversity. Within our communities this openness provides the opportunity for partnerships to develop and creative expression to flourish. This seminar will explore local examples of how various forms of creative exchange have been used to celebrate and support difference, whilst at the same time offering an opportunity for individuals to feel safe, inspired and supported.

event media

event media

1st November (oh I know, it’s not actually October, but you’ll need to plan ahead): works required at Lord Coconut for ‘Binary‘ exhibition “Let’s celebrate all things computers (main frames, desk tops, laptops, smart phones, tablets and the like, even the odd gaming console thrown in) and how you can highlight this technology in your jewellery.” [link]

please tell me of other exhibitions or events
also check out Melissa Cameron’s excellent informative blog (especially for competitions)

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