Yarnbomb III

27 09 2013

According to my own rules on yarn-bombing, I recently refreshed my rainbow pole outside the local school.

My first installation was 1st November 2011, as part of a 21 days to yarn bomb movement. And my second installation was 1st November 2012.

For this third installment I considered reinstalling on the same date, but I decided instead to bring it forward a little – somewhere around the spring equinox and school holidays (so I’m not spotted by the kiddies).

oldyarnbomb    newyarmbomb

Above: old one and new one … see how I put the colours upside-down this time … tricky!

I crocheted this version, as I did the second; it seemed to be more robust and wear so much better than the knitted version, requiring no repairs at all over the year (even though it was clearly mauled during the election, as the school was a voting centre).

I’ve chosen the rainbow colouring again (I had so much leftover yarn from last time). I recognise the rainbow has been adopted by the LGBTI community as their own, and while acknowledging that connection my intention is not for this yarnbomb to be any kind of statement but simply a colourful addition to the streetscape.

If you’re ever in the ‘hood, I hope it makes you smile as you pass by.



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