13 09 2013

Some interesting matters traipse their way around my mind as I’m falling asleep. Recently it was a wondering about the word ‘adorn’.

In the usual manner, before playing with a word, first to the definition.


Excellent, so my most important question is answered: the word can indeed be made into a noun, as in the person who adorns is the ‘adorner’ (even though my automatic spellcheck seems to have kniptions about that word).

My most faultless logic then wandered forth to suggest that a maker or jeweller could also be named an … wait for it … artisan adorner. Perhaps an artisanal adorner even?

I know! Marvellous. I like it a lot.

So I did a google search to see if the term is used – no, it is not. Well, I do like to be a grammatical pioneer.

That search did throw up a link to a site that used the term ‘adornista‘ – the Spanish word for a decorator. I like the word, however I feel many jewellers / makers intend to do more than merely decorate a person.

That’s all I have to say about that right now.



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