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4 09 2013

Both of the complex oval cufflink pairs I had with Lord Coconut sold this last month. I know! Hoorah!

Now, to make new a colour combination for a new pair.

I’m thinking about re-purposing the below weave. The cufflink is approx. 25mm by 15mm, so will not be as large as this panel; so I’m thinking of only just near the edge of the darker colour and a few lines of the white.



I originally made this as part of the Christmas earrings for the Studio 20/17 ‘Deck the Walls‘ showcase last year. The earrings I had planned for this weave misbehaved; they were very large, and I didn’t feel they’d be successful (I made the earrings in the order of their size, and by the time I made the Jumpsuit” pair I thought any bigger would be too big), and made a smaller pair to replace this pair instead.

Anyway, I called the colour-way “Roller-Racer” – it reminds me of the 70s onesies with stripes down the side. I imagine a roller-skating racer in a slinky jumpsuit rolling around with her Farrah Fawcett hairdo …

They are very 70s colours, also reminding me of the decor colouring, the ashtrays, the wallpapers, etc.

Too much 70s perhaps?

Thoughts? Ideas? Other colour suggestions?

If you were buying cufflinks for someone special, what colours would you choose?



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5 09 2013
Or perhaps these colours? | Melbourne Jeweller

[…] genuinely concerned the colours in my last post are way too 70s … in a not-so-awesome […]

7 09 2013

I think the colours reflect the desert just as much as the 70’s, if there was geometric or flower shapes then I’d say direct reference to the 70’s.
Blue is a funny colour, it depends so much on the tone.
I wouldn’t worry about trying to be all round appealing. Handmade production levels mean you only need a limited market,just need to find it. Otherwise you’d be doing arrows and feathers and be all urban jungle. !!

7 09 2013

Thank you so much for the fresh perspective Amanda!
I hadn’t thought of the colours as desert, but you’re so right.
I’m now tending towards doing both, and seeing which one appeals more.

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