Calendar: September 2013

31 08 2013

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1st September: last day for selected works from BUDA Contemporary Australian Silver & Metalwork Awards will be on display in Arts Centre Melbourne’s Smorgon Family Plaza [link]

1st September: last day for SJS Gallery, Organic Mechanic exhibition [link]

5th September: COTA, Linda van Niekerk exhibition [link]

6th September: Craft, Claire McArdle ‘Worn Translations‘ [link]; “Claire McArdle’s jewellery pieces adorn the walls of the gallery akin to an ethnographical display, creating an almost overwhelming visual experience. Articles of clothing donated to the project are reworked, reloved and relive upon the walls of the gallery.“; until 12th October

8th September: last day for Lord Coconut ‘Enhancement‘ [link]

9th September: Gallery Funaki, Yutaka Minegishi ‘Mostly Twisted‘ [link]; “Minegishi is a Japanese artist who lives and works in Munich.  He uses materials such as ebony, rose wood, mammoth ivory and steel to create rings and other forms, each possessed of remarkable balance and craftsmanship.

exhibition media

exhibition media

14th September: last day for Gaffa Gallery (Sydney), John Fries Memorial Prize 2013 Finalists Exhibition [link]

14th September: last day for Studio 20/17 (Sydney), ‘Unnatural Tendencies‘ new & collaborative work by Lauren Simeoni & Melinda Young [link]; “Lauren Simeoni and Melinda Young have been working together on their ‘unnatural’ contemporary jewellery project since 2008. United by a love of frippery and fakery and a shared aesthetic sensibility, they have been actively sharing a sketchbook and materials – specifically artificial plant foliage, whilst enjoying the creative stimulation and fruits of a long-distance collaboration between their hometowns of Adelaide and Sydney.

exhibition media

exhibition media

16th September: Studio Ingot, ‘The Ring‘ [link]; over 100 rings from 45 makers

exhibition media

exhibition media

17th September: Studio 20/17 (Sydney), Regine Schwarzer ‘Mineral Manifestations‘ [link]; until 5th October

18th September: Lord Coconut ‘Art of the Cuff‘ [link]; “The select group of Melbourne-based contemporary artists, jewellers & designers involved in the exhibition were each given a French Cuff to customise. The collected cuffs reflect the contemporary jewellery in-store at Lord Coconut and how it links to their own artistic practice.“; until 6th October

20th September: last day for Bilk Gallery (Canberra), Cinnamon Lee ‘Promises‘ [link]

28th September: last day for Pieces of Eight, David Parker ‘Engage

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