The lust list

19 08 2013

This listing was provoked by a recent visit to Gallery Funaki, when I saw the incredibly beautiful Helen Britton ring Katie Scott (gallery director) was wearing. I wanted it. I wanted it bad.

And thus the ‘lust list’ was conceived.

I have been lucky enough to satisfy a few of my jewellery and object lusts:

Though my as-yet-unattained lust list is longer (some more realistically obtainable than others):

This is only a short list really, for it is only the pieces that I LUST after. There are, of course, many many artists’ work that I love and adore and admire and appreciate; some I want to own too, but not quite in the ‘lust’ category.

And I also know there are bzillions of artists I haven’t even been introduced to yet, who may one day make it onto this listing … how very exciting!



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19 08 2013

I’m definitely with you on the lust for a Joungmee Do-piece!

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