Henriette Schuster ‘almost invisible’ @ Gallery Funaki

14 08 2013

This was my first time seeing the work of Henriette Schuster, and it was an absolute delight. Her solo show is ‘almost invisible‘ at Gallery Funaki.

Her jewellery collection sits alongside her drawings. The pieces are quiet, simple (in the most perfect way), and subtle.

image courtesy of Gallery Funaki

image courtesy of Gallery Funaki

There are a large number of pieces for a solo exhibition – a handful of earrings, some rings, with many pendants and neckpieces.

The metal components are silver, yellow gold and blackened silver; the colour palette black, white, red and neon yellow.

  • The revelation for me was the hanging material for the pendants: elastic. A great alternative to silk or linen thread, I would expect it would be more capable of handling robust wear and not to mention the clean lines it permits for shorter pieces (which can still be put over the head).
  • There is a group of blackened pendants which I would call figurative or narrative (in the left of the image above) – little brushes, cups and representations of other items.
  • Another group (on the bench above), like silver cylindrical branches, are on the brightest neon yellow elastic thread – gorgeous arrangements of shapes and linear intersections. Another collection is similar though on red thread and with blackened elements.
  • A further group of pendants and rings (in the enclave to the right of the below image) explores the interrelationship between two circles or spheres … some on red or black thread.

And how magnificent does the new gallery fit-out look.

image courtesy Funaki Gallery

image courtesy Funaki Gallery

Exhibition media: “In her first solo exhibition at Gallery Funaki, Munich based artist Henriette Schuster presents a collection of jewellery that uses precious metals in simple, almost naïve ways to explore basic aesthetic relationships between two similar forms. In addition, we will be showing a series of Schuster’s drawings that both draw from and feed into her jewellery practice.

Sometimes the most affecting gestures are very small and very quiet. Schuster creates jewellery and drawings that shy away from bold declarations and instead, wait quietly for close attention. Working with silver and thread, Henriette’s jewellery is arrestingly simple and direct: small elements, often in pairs, sit in delicate balance with one another, a subtle dance of interdependence and connection. Familiar household objects like teacups, thimbles and brushes take on unexpected symbolism and tenderness as they hang, paired and companionate, on boldly coloured elastic. Tubes of silver are bent in simple and graphic forms, creating drawings on the body. And Schuster’s drawings, which will be shown for the first time in Australia, are studies in understatement and lightness. Schuster’s vision is unobtrusive but always quietly compelling.

exhibition image; from website; click on image for original source

exhibition image; from website; click on image for original source

For me the above piece was the most outstanding of the exhibition, it’s called ‘Tear‘ and is yellow gold. So simple and stunning. I am still considering if it needs to come home with me.

Make sure you visit the Gallery Funaki website for more images of the lovely work. Better still, go and see them in person.

almost invisible‘ is at Gallery Funaki until 17th August 2013.



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