‘Wondernamel 2013’ @ First Site Gallery

13 08 2013

I do enjoy visiting the annual ‘Wondernamel‘ exhibition, of RMIT students and recent alumni, at First Site Gallery!

photograph taken with permission (without flash)

photograph taken with permission (without flash)

It’s in its seventh year I think (please correct me if I’m wrong). I seem to have a sub-optimal habit of missing every second one – for I cannot remember seeing last year’s (I expect I was unwell at the time), though I did see and write about the 2011 and 2009 shows (and saw previous ones but didn’t have the blog at those times).

There seem to be fewer artists than in previous shows, though most of the artists showed more than one collection. Once again, as per the 2011 year, I enjoyed the many objects and vessels … showing experimentation continues to be welcome.

photograph taken with permission (without flash)

photograph taken with permission (without flash)

My absolute most outstanding favourite is the above collection of brooches, ‘Brooches from Saturnia Industrialia (2012)’, framed on the wall by Inari Kiuru. Stunning! I love her aesthetic, her construction and the exquisite beauty of them. I cannot tell you how amazing they are… See her blog for more images, especially this post.

Participating artists are (alphabetical by surname):

  • Natasha Avila
  • Sue Buchanan – her enameled iron wire vessel is gorgeous
  • Katie Collins
  • Annie Gobel [hibernating blog]
  • Inari Kiuru [blog]
  • Jasmina Krupic
  • Wendy Korol – love the smithing in her five lidded objects
  • Lindy McSwan – these vessels were my favourite of last year’s graduate exhibition
  • Kate Wischusen – fabulous ‘Montparnasse‘ brooches
  • Lin Wong – lovely enameling on found steel objects

Wondernamel 2013‘ is at First Site Gallery until 16th August 2013.
And there is a floor talk on the last day at 1pm.



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[…] And if I may be so bold to declare: my most favourite item viewed all year was ‘Brooches from Saturnia Industrialia (2012)’ by Inari Kiuru, part of the ‘Wondernamel 2013‘ exhibition. […]

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