‘Words & Works from a World Away’ @ Project Space Spare Room

12 08 2013

I do so much enjoy an exhibition with a conceptual basis, especially of the ‘reply’ or inspiration kind. ‘Words & Works from a World Away‘ at Project Space / Spare Room has such a basis – curated by the uber-talented Claire McArdle.

installation; photograph taken with permission

installation; photograph taken with permission

Exhibition media: “What do they say about us on the other side of the world? And what do you know about them?

This exhibition unites the North and the South through the work of jewellery and object artists from Estonia and Australia. The artists produce work in response to statements from the other side of the world about their own country. Their reaction and the resulting work explores issues of identity and the global flow of information between two physically and culturally separate countries.

Each piece is accompanied by the text that is being responded to – a statement about the artist’s country written by someone from the other country. It’s quite lovely.

My favourite piece of all is one by Kadri Mälk – a beautiful black piece “It’s dark all the time“. There were a number of Estonian makers responding to this same (or similar) text, which make up a table of intriguing black/dark pieces.

There are some heavy-weight artists taking part – and I mean that in the most respectful way! Participating artists are (alphabetically by surname):

  • Linda al-Assi [EST]
  • Robert Baines [AUS] ; Nicholas Bastin [AUS] ; Robin Bold [AUS] ; Zoe Brand [AUS]
  • Melissa Cameron [AUS]
  • Anna Davern [AUS]
  • Mark Edgoose [AUS] ; Rita-Livia Erikson [EST]
  • Stephen Gallagher [AUS]
  • Ulvi Haagensen [EST] ; Mary Hackett [AUS] ; Kirsten Haydon [AUS] ; Nils Hint [EST]
  • Naoko Inuzuka [AUS]
  • Annika Kedelauk [EST] ; Inari Kiuru [AUS] ; Aija Kivi [EST] ; Keiu Koppel [EST] ; Katarina Kotselainen [EST]
  • Teresa Lane [AUS] ; Urmas Lüüs [EST]
  • Kadri Mälk [EST] ; Claire McArdle [AUS]
  • Hans-Otto Ojaste [EST]
  • Kaire Rannik [EST] ; Anne Reinberg [EST]
  • Adolfas Šaulys & Mari Relo-Šaulys [EST]
  • Mark Vaarwerk [AUS] ; Anita Van Doorn [AUS] ; Tanel Veenre [EST]

There’s a lovely video of the exhibition pieces too – gorgeous.

Words & Works from a World Away‘ is at Project Space / Spare Room until 15th August 2013.

Update [28th August]: Melissa Cameron has shared some excellent images of the exhibition too.



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