Nicole Polentas ‘Collective Conundrum’ @ Chili Art Gallery (Athens)

18 07 2013

I am so excited for Nicole – she has a solo exhibition in Athens opening this week, curated by Christopher Earl Milbourne.

Collective Conundrum‘ is at Chili Art Gallery from 19th to 27th July 2013.

Press release:
The Collective Conundrum is an exhibition of jewellery objects examining meta-narratives of place and identity. Each object presents itself as an amalgam of analogous perspectives, posing in an amalgamation of convoluted realities.
The foundation of the objects are built upon the re-contextualisation of traditional folklore and popular music throughout Greek history. This becomes a transformation into material form, mediating a transmission of conventions. The script is systematically structured with cultural and historical representation, which in turn presents itself as a visual puzzle.
The Collective Conundrum investigates and re-defines notions of identity and cultural authenticity, through an array of subjective signifiers. It examines the ways in which we think about cultural images, by portraying them in a new way. Through a coalescing of media, mimicry, satire and image saturation, the objects evaluate and reconfigure stereotypes, dispensing a matrix of alternate perspectives. The Greek character, the archetype, the hero are studied and manipulated, presenting a conundrum of contrasts.
The jewellery becomes the mediator and interface between what is real and what is myth.
The objects form a collective, consisting of metaphors and illusory contradictions.
Within the layers of complexity a sublime harmony is revealed!

Exhibition media

Exhibition media

Nicole_Invitation pdf-1_2

Exhibition media

For more on Nicole’s work: see my artist profile, all my stories about her, and her ‘Pschomanteum‘ exhibition at Gallery Loupe.

Also see Chili’s facebook page for more images of Nicole’s work in this exhibition.

Wish I was in Athens!



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