Calendar: August 2013 sneak peek

15 07 2013

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update for July 2013

12th July: Bilk Gallery (Canberra), Marcus Foley ‘An Arc of Crockery‘ [link], “a retro perspective“; until 12th August

exhibition media

exhibition media

15th July: Gray Reid Gallery, new pieces by Monica Szwaja [link]; opening 18th July; until 16th August

17th July: RMIT lecture, Elizabeth Turrell: Enamel Surfaces – Add and Subtract, 17:30-18:30, RMIT University City Campus, Building 80 (Swanston St), Level 6 Room 5

23rd July: Gallery Funaki, Henriette Shuster ‘almost invisible‘ [link]; “In her first solo exhibition at Gallery Funaki, Henriette Schuster presents a collection of jewellery that uses precious metals in simple, almost naïve ways to explore basic aesthetic relationships between two similar forms. In addition, we will be showing a series of Schuster’s drawings that both draw from and feed into her jewellery practice.“; until 17th August

exhibition media; click on image for original source

exhibition media; click on image for original source

24th July: Stanley Street Gallery (Sydney), ‘Red to Wear‘ group exhibition of contemporary jewellery [link]

exhibition media

exhibition media

25th July: Sydney Design 2013 @ Gaffa [link]; until 18th August

26th July: last day for application to Woollahra Small Scupture Prize [link]

now for August 2013

all month

  • NGV ‘Monet’s Garden‘ [link] until 8th September

1-31st August: Craft Cubed festival [link]

1st August: Lord Coconut ‘The Melbourne Cufflinks’  group exhibition and acquisitive prize [link]; “RMIT, Box Hill Institute and NMIT jewellery students have been invited to submit a pair of cufflinks in this acquisitive prize.”; until 17th August

2nd August: work to be received at Lord Coconut for group exhibition ‘Enhancement‘ [link]

7th August: RMIT Object Based Practice Gold & Silversmithing Auction – YAY!! at Mercy Bar [link] … more details shortly …

8th August: selected works from BUDA Contemporary Australian Silver & Metalwork Awards will be on display in Arts Centre Melbourne’s Smorgon Family Plaza [link]; until 1st September

8th August: Gaffa Gallery (Sydney), ‘White Heat‘ [link]; “Curated by Sydney based curator and jeweller Zara Collins, White Heat is a survey of contemporary Australian ceramic jewellery – including artists Katherine Wheeler, Bridget Bodenham, Prue Venables and Nelia Justo. The exhibition also includes a ‘Touch Table’, where visitors can independently engage with the artworks with senses other than sight.“; until 19th August

14th August: last day for application to MAC-ITAMI International Craft Exhibition, Theme: Jewellery [link]

15th August: last day for Project Space / Spare Room, ‘Words & Works from a World Away‘, curated by Claire McArdle [video, event, gallery]; “What do they say about us on the other side of the world?  And what do you know about them?  Words & Works from a World Away unites the North and South through the work of jewellery and object artists from Estonia and Australia. The artists produce work in response to statements from the other side of the world about their own country. Their reaction and the resulting work explores issues of identity and the global flow of information between two physically and culturally separate countries.“; includes work from an amazing list of significant artists!

17th August: last day for Pieces of Eight, Tessa Blazey ‘Romancing the Stone‘ [link]; “In this exhibition Blazey explores the geometric structures and landscapes of crystal and mineral specimens through mimicry and transformation. Utilizing raw curiously cut and mounted stones she frames each piece to mimic the stone that inspired it. To individualise each piece within the context of its miniature wonderland Blazey has personified each piece by naming them after an iconic heroine.

20th August: Pieces of Eight, David Parker ‘Transpositions‘; until 28th September

20th August: last day for MADA Gallery (Monash Design and Architecture), ‘Seams | Seems‘ [link]; “Rhode Island School of Design & MADA Jewellery, Curated by Marian Hosking (MADA) and Robin Quigley (RISD); Opening Event & Symposium: Friday 19 July; In jewellery and small object making addressing the visible or invisible seam is a primary consideration in the making process. This exhibition brings 20 makers from RISD and MADA together in a conversation about their research and practice.

21st August: last day for application to ‘Suspended in Green‘ [link]; “Green: it’s just a color, yet it can also stand for so much more.  It’s the color of money, of envy and of inexperience.  It can stand for ethical products, the environment, symbolize fertility and nature.  We talk about green shamrocks for luck, the green eyed monster, and green fingers. You can give someone the green light, be a greenhorn or be part of the green revolution.

exhibition media

exhibition media

22nd August: Northcity4 workshop, Katherine Bowman ‘Lost Wax Casting‘ [link]


event media

24th August: RMIT Makers Market [link]; “hand crafted items by RMIT students and alumni at the inaugural RMIT Makers Market.“; part of Craft Cubed

24th August: Gaffa Gallery (Sydney), John Fries Memorial Prize 2013 Finalists Exhibition [link]; until 14th September

24-25th August: launch of Jeanette Dyke’s Monsalvat Jewellery Making School [link]

31st August: Craft Hatch Market [link]; part of Craft Cubed

please tell me of other exhibitions or events
also check out Melissa Cameron’s excellent informative blog (especially for competitions)

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