24 06 2013

Another post inspired by a facebook posting … I know, I could try to stop…

click on image for original facebook source

click on image for original source

What a beautiful word: Eigengrau.

The text that accompanied the above image states: “This isn’t any old shade of black, it is precisely #16161D. With no available light to contrast objects against one another, it is possible to be in the presence of items that are darker black without being able to perceive them that way.


It brought to mind the gorgeous exhibitions of recent years that have focused on black …

I’ve fallen in love with a word!



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14 07 2013
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[…] [14Jul13, 19:22] I’ve been wondering if it’s Eigengrau; my great-grandma was born and raised in Fitzroy, and I often think about the horrible times she […]

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