Yarn bombing

10 06 2013

Yarn bombing has been getting a little bit of (positive) press in Melbourne in the last week or so – mainly because yesterday (9th June) was International Yarn Bombing Day (as an aside, is there an “international day” for everything!?). I’ve especially noticed one project in the news is the Royal Parade project by Yarn Corner (see this video).

I’m quite fond of most yarn-bombing, having done a little myself.

However, being a resident in a suburb with its fair share of yarn-bombing, I wish to make a plea to the yarn-bombing community. As I’ve written before, I personally don’t think it’s right to impose craft on the public space without being responsible for its aging. Therefore I implore makers to please:

  • regularly check-in on the crafty wonders you put in place
  • repair them when the seams split or yarn breaks (weathering can do this, so can excessive manual appreciation(!))
  • and, perhaps hardest of all, remove them when it’s time to let go (eg. when the colouring has gone)

I have seen yarn-bombs in place more than two years after they were installed, and they’re ugly and dirty and tattered and just awful; all of which makes me sad and makes me want to take to them with scissors …. I haven’t yet, but one day I just may not be able to withstand the urge.

The whole point of yarn-bombing, in my view, is to liven up the urban environment with handmade colour. Aged and decrepid yarn-bombs, which are beyond their lovely-date, are almost the exact antithesis of this and therefore really do need to be removed … and hopefully replaced with more coloured wonder.

Get your craft on people! Responsibly, of course.



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