‘My Australia’ exhibition

7 06 2013

As I mentioned a little while ago, the ‘My Australia‘ exhibition opening was delayed. However I’m happy to say that I’ve been advised that it will soon be installed and ready for the visiting public. Hoorah!

Its new home is The Berkley River Lodge and the exhibition has a new website.

After I finish some cufflinks for Lord Coconut and a small commission, I’ll see how the jewellery in the exhibition is being received, and perhaps the beautiful opals may just get made into those earrings. In fact, I now have many pairs of opals from the same seam, with the same gorgeous colouring … such joy to play with in the near future I hope!

no intervention required

not a very good photo, but the idea is there … and no, no intervention required

My Australia‘ is at The Berkley River Lodge until November 2013.

Update (9th June): and now, a scanned image of the above opals … I love the strange ways opals scan …

scanned opals

scanned opals



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