Not feeling the love

26 05 2013

How do you motivate yourself to get into the studio?

What little white lies do you tell yourself?

What ‘after I’ve gone into the studio‘ rewards work for you?

I need to get into the studio, but cannot seem to get out of my own way to get there …



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26 05 2013

Hi Karen. I know what you mean and that was what worried me about finishing study at the end of last year. I set myself targets – make pieces to submit for selection in exhibitions, create a new line of earrings, exploring technique, in my case, painting on vitreous enamels. It is difficult to stay motivated if there isn’t a goal to work towards. I hope your muse comes to the party. Cheers.

27 05 2013

I still go with Helen Britton’s approach. Move your arse first, and your mind will follow. You have to be at the bench before the work (and sometimes even the want to work) will come. Back in Melbourne I didn’t always want to go to the studio, but once I was there I didn’t have many choices but to work, so moving before thinking can help. Sometimes I’d bribe myself with promising a coffee on the way…

27 05 2013

I love this! I shall apply it on the weekend – arse first, mind will follow, apply coffee liberally.

Though I must admit I have lots and lots of ideas, it’s just that I cannot motivate myself to actually do them. I even have a commission to complete (for a friend, with a long-ish deadline) and even that isn’t enough to push me in there. Mmm, clearly it’s a mental block … and as my favourite health professional once said, I just need to get my shit together!

7 06 2013

I get in my own way all the time. My trick is to go in with the intention of not doing anything sellable… Maye even just something for myself. When the pressure isn’t there, things start to flow. Not going to lie, sometimes very underwhelming things happen but it’s better than nothing 🙂 then sometimes that’s when the masterpieces come out- when your client is you. Good luck!!

7 06 2013

thanks Carla … wise words indeed

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